To Be or Not to Be?!?

So you know how my last post (yes, a month ago – ugh, I suck at this already!) was about how depressing it is to see my temp drop at the end of the month?  Well, today (like I said, about exactly a month later), I am in the anxiously-awaiting stage, where I know that one of two things will happen in the next 24-48 hours.  Either, I will once again feel my stomach drop and my eyes well up as my thermometer strikes a low 96.8 and I can do nothing but sadly wait for Ms. Flow to arrive, OR that terrible tell-tale sign will fail to come, my temperature will stay steady above 97.2 and I will eagerly pull out that trusty old pregnancy test that’s collecting dust in the back of my bathroom cabinet.

Oh the ANXIETY!!!!

I keep telling myself that these emotions are normal and that every, single wanna-be mama feels these same emotions every month she’s trying to conceive.  But man, do you really feel as emotional as me!?  My mind feels out of control with impatience, excitement, anger, anxiety, fear, hope….    But I guess you probably feel that way too?  I guess in an incredibly selfish way, I kinda hope you do.

While I have you, I wanted to share one of the most wonderful things my husband has done to help me tame these wild emotions.  The last time my period arrived, he smiled brightly at the news (i wanted to smack him!) and said, “well this is exciting!  That means that in JUST 14 days, YOU COULD BE PREGNANT!”  Now that’s what I call positive thinking!  And I love him for it!

So, all news this weekend will be good news!   ….right?


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