Debate: Tracking My Fertility

It’s been 6 months of TTC. For the last 4 months, I’ve been ‘tracking my fertility’ in some way, shape, or form.  I’ve been tracking my temperature, my cervical mucus, and luteal phase for the entirety of this period.  Each has given me reason to stress and cry, but reason to hope as well.  My temp has shown a spike each month which is a strong indication that I am in fact ovulating (phew!).  My cervical mucus has failed to ever show me that stretchy, egg-white mucus that I’m supposed to see around ovulation (i’ll talk more about this in another ‘Lesson’ post). That’s been really disappointing.  And my luteal phase has remained at a stubborn 10 days month after month.

I tried the ovulation predictor kits (OPKs) back in May and never saw a stupid smile.  It freaked me out, convinced me I wasn’t ovulating and led me to miss an entire month of TTC (I figured why bother, right?). I broke down and bought more OPKs last month, after friends and fellow TTC’ers told me that testing in the morning could miss the LH surge the test was looking for.  Why didn’t the box tell me this!? Needless to say, I bought a TON of the tests on and finally saw that dang smiley face on Day17!

So here I am, 6 months in, pretty confident that I’m ovulating monthly, somewhere between Day16-18.  Do I need to keep ‘tracking my fertility?’ Do I quit cold turkey? Do I revert back to what my OBGYN has recommended all along and just: “Relax, have fun, and have sex every other day between D8-D18”? I know that all this tracking is stressing me and my hubby out, which is widely considered a barrier to conception. But I’m also a bit addicted to what has become a routine of checking temps and mucus daily. If I stop tracking, will I miss something that will make or break my chances to conceive!?  Although, logically, I know the answer, I’m still struggling to make that move towards blind hope.


One thought on “Debate: Tracking My Fertility

  1. Your blog is very informative congrats on that it def sets itself apart in a good way. I track my cervical position and texture idk if you’re familiar with it but it helps as well it just takes a while to fully see a pattern. The reason I do that is because I have a problem with cervical mucus …Its almost non existent. I rarely have seen the elusive eggwhite cm so I use pre seed It’s a sperm friendly lube that helps with pj problems and can help get the sperm where they need to go faster (you should def ask your doctor about pre seed). Don’t give up charting or whatever is working for you as long as it’s helping. Don’t lose hope hun, best wishes and baby dust to you :)(:

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