The Great Sperm Race


I don’t care if you’re TTC, pregnant, a mother of five, or have no interest whatsoever in ever having children – this movie is fascinating!

The Great Sperm Race follows the lives of millions of sperm from ejaculation to implantation. You wouldn’t believe what these little guys have to go through just to have their heads explode (literally) the moment they reach the egg (should they be so lucky!). Our bodies are literally designed to repel and destroy invaders, from acidic vaginal walls to impassable cervical crypts! The sperm face unremitting obstacles and hundreds of thousands die within seconds of entering our bodies! It’s a freakin’ miracle that anyone is able to get pregnant!

Watch the video – I’m telling you!!! You can get it free on YouTube. You’ll be shocked, amazed and fascinated by what you learn!


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