And So the IVF Journey Begins…

Oh my gosh, those of you who have already begun your journey through IVF must surely understand my utter surprise and disbelief when I went in for a simple blood draw – an appointment that took less than 5 minutes and filled ONE tube of blood – and it cost me a whopping $510!

I mean, I laughed.  Out loud. I couldn’t believe the receptionist held back what must have been a giggle she had stored deep inside. $510 for a blood draw!?

It’s not like I was unaware of the insane costs of IVF.  The fertility clinic made sure to give us a break down of all the costs we’d be paying them, all of which come to around $26,000…for ONE CYCLE. But man, this was the first time they actually asked for my credit card, and WHAM! BAM! It smacked me in the face!

Today’s blood draw was one that must be collected on Day 2 or 3.  Today is my Day 3. The tests (FSH/LH/E2/AMH) check my ovarian reserve.  Ovarian reserve refers to the capacity of the ovary to provide eggs that are capable of fertilization.  This obviously decreases with age.  I am 29, so I hope that my results come out positive (sure want to start this process on a good note!).

The hubby and I are returning to the clinic in two days – my Day 5.  We are arriving at 7am and were told to expect to be there until about 4pm!  Holy moly! We’re getting all sorts of things done – from communicable disease testing (HIV/HEP B/HEP C, etc) to a baseline ultrasound, a hysteroscopy (a camera that looks inside my uterus), and a semen analysis.  My hubby already completed one of these at our regular doctor’s office, but the fertility clinic asked that he do it again since their tests are more exact.  He had a pretty awesome report from our personal doc, so hopefully there will be no surprises there!

Well, I suppose we have dove in head first!  We’re really going to go through with this.  I look forward to sharing my story with you, and encourage you to share with me too!

Next up: I plan to write a post about how we got to this point — about where our journey began.  I will also deviate from IVF talk and tell you about the 3-day juice cleanse I will be starting on Wednesday.  Im totally freaked about it and can only hope that I have the willpower to avoid ALL food for THREE days! Yikes!


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