Wanna Know What Pisses Me Off!?

Ok, so I know that I can’t avoid seeing the thousands of pregnant women wandering around Denver, but if you don’t mind, I’d prefer to avoid the places they are bound to frequent most!


No need for me to go to prenatal yoga classes, or la maze classes.  No need to go to baby showers, or meetup groups for expectant moms.  In fact, I would avoid all these like the plague.

So, why CCRM, why in the world do you send me to my OB to get an unnecessary repeat pap when you KNOW i’m going to be the ONLY person in the clinic who is not in for my 6-month check-up!?!?

I tell you, at every freakin’ turn, i ran into a perfectly pregnant belly looking me dead in the belly button screaming, “hahaha, you’re not poppin’ out any time soon!!!”

There is definitely something comforting about sitting in a fertility clinic knowing that every beautiful woman that surrounds you is going through a version of the same BS that you are.  Right now, I feel more welcome there than any OB clinic…


3 thoughts on “Wanna Know What Pisses Me Off!?

  1. Pregnant women drive me bonkers too. I hate going to the doctor. My neighbor works at an OBGYN and she said a man was in there with his wife complaining about how they didn’t need another baby. She said if he didn’t want it she knew someone who did. Mans face dropped. Infertility blows.

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