My First Surgery

I’m home from work today healing from surgery.

I’ve spent very little time in hospitals, have never had surgery, never been under anesthesia, never had an IV inserted in my poor little hand…but this is where trying to have a baby has gotten me!

With blocked fallopian tubes like mine, fluid can fester inside the tubes.  This is called hydrosalpinx. This fluid, which can seep back into the uterus, is poisonous to a fetus.  Therefore, CCRM asked me to either have my tubes removed or fully cauterized before moving forward with IVF.

The surgery was laparoscopic.  The doc made three incisions – in my bellybutton and then two close to my ovaries (I think!).  Although the incisions are no wider than a nickel, i’m pretty annoyed that the doc didn’t make them symmetrical!  What is that about!?!?  Aren’t my tubes in the same place on either side of my abdomen!?  The scars would have looked a lot better if they were in similar locations.  Ok, maybe that’s a bit OCD of me, but cummon, man!

Im actually feeling pretty darn good today.  My abdomen is definitely sore, but nothing I can’t handle. Definitely don’t need the Percocet they prescribed me. HOWEVER, what’s NOT feeling good is my uvula!  What’s an uvula, you ask me!? It’s that little thing that hangs in the back of your throat.  I’ve never really payed any attention to the little guy before, but now he’s knockin’ on my backdoor every darn minute!  Apparently when they stuck a breathing tube down my throat (which is really sore!), they hurt Mr. Hangy Thing in some way and now it is swollen to twice its size. Do you know what a swollen uvula feels like!? It feels like a big pile of phlegm is SITTING on the back of your TONGUE, causing a constant gag reflex, a nasty taste, and an inability to swallow anything hot. In short, it sucks!!!

Anyhoo, Im glad I survived my first surgery! And things are really moving forward!  I’ve already begun the birth control which they have you take for a few weeks, and my first round of shots – whatever they are – begin in less that two weeks.

The IVF process has officially begun!  Stay tuned! I hear Im going to turn into a royal b*tch soon! Sorry, honey 😦


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