Needles Galore

What did you do at 7am this morning!? Yeah yeah, that sounds interesting…
Me? I took a needle from my kitchen cupboard, filled it with 10 units of a clear liquid called Lupron, pinched a small handful of fat (not hard to find) and stuck a needle in my belly! Awesome morning.


To be honest (and to relieve any fears of those about to embark on this journey), I hardly felt a thing and it was NO. BIG. DEAL. So, stop worrying.

So, a quick blurb about Lupron: Lupron is used to prevent the pituitary gland from stimulating the ovaries which prevents the LH hormone from triggering ovulation. It’s basically used to stimulate a more uniform (and therefore controlled) development of follicles.

You know what I think the funniest part about the guy’s role in all this? They secretly, or sometimes not so secretly, are dying for the opportunity to pierce their poor wife’s body with a sharp needle! I could literally see the hubby’s mouth watering like a vampire as i gave myself that shot. I know he’s itching to do it – he claims it’s because he needs to ‘prepare’ for that one shot that I’m actually not able to give myself, but i know better! He’s just looking for a new way to punish me!

I forget to do the dishes? He’ll get out the needle!

I forget to walk the dog? Out with the needle!

I’m ‘too tired’ tonight? The needle springs to life!

Ok, ok, so he’s not that bad! In fact, he’s being a great sport about this all, and even got up with me this morning (30 minutes before his alarm!) just to provide me with moral support! Yes, he’s awesome. And yes, you probably should be jealous! 😉

First day of Lupron down, many many many more to go!


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