Trying to Strengthen my Flow

“I don’t really care if it’s hurting you, as long as I know it’s working.” Yup, those are the honest to God words that came out of my husband’s mouth last night.

I’ve been going to acupuncture appointments for the past two weeks because it’s supposed to increase my uterine flow.

What do I mean, you ask?  Well, I dont totally know.  When I got my first (and only, so far) vaginal ultrasound, all news was awesome news…until the tech did what medical specialists always seem to do when they’ve found something bad…she went utterly silent.  Then she started asking me weird questions, the purpose of which I couldn’t figure out.  But I could tell things weren’t awesome anymore. Luckily, the news wasn’t so bad. I was told that I had weak uterine flow and that they’d like to see it, ummm, better, I guess.  Again, I don’t totally understand.

IMG_3025I was prescribed 8 lovely sessions of acupuncture – an alternative (Eastern) medicine methodology I’ve never really had much interest in – but, hey, what the heck!?!?

I’m receiving a special treatment called electroacupuncture which sends a small electronic current between pairs of acupuncture needles. Four needles are placed on my lower back and two in each calf. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s certainly a weird feeling, lying face-down with a vibrating/pressure sensation in various parts of your body for 45 minutes at a time.

IMG_3026I tried to describe the procedure to my hubby and told him that the sensation felt different the second time I went, compared to my first visit. I tried to tell him that at my second visit, I was more ‘aware’ that there was a needle in me.  It just felt different.  When he probed for questions, I assured him that it hadn’t caused me a lot of pain.  That’s when he said that ridiculous string of words: “I don’t really care if it’s hurting you, as long as I know it’s working.” Well, OK THEN!  Thanks, babe!

And seriously, guys, how ridiculous do I look!?!?



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