I love Giuliana!

Ok, so I have a little obsession. I love Giuliana Rancic from E! Honestly, I love her more than ANYONE that she interviews.  She’s just fabulous.  And beautiful. AND, she’s battled with infertility.  Sure, I loved her long before that, but now I just can’t ggiuliana_rancic_bill_rancicet enough.

I guess you’ll think it’s strange, then, that I had never watched Giuliana and Bill until last week.  Last weekend, there was an all-day marathon (you can imagine how excited the hubby was!), so I snuggled up with a warm fuzzy blanket, a hot chocolate, and settled in for the day. Little did I know that the very first episode I saw included Giuliana and Bill wandering in to CCRM here in Denver – the same clinic that the hubs and I have put our full faith in throughout this IVF journey!

I walked into CCRM yesterday, and looked longingly at the waterfall standing in their front lobby – the same freakin’ waterfall I saw Giuls and Bill walk by just days earlier!  How cool is that!?  What is funniest about this story is that when I was able to tame my excitement, I sat down and waited to be called for my ultrasound.  The woman next to me struck up a conversation and said that she was from Florida. Having forgotten that so many CCRM patients come from every corner of the country, I gawked at the distance and asked her how and why she chose CCRM.  Her answer!? – Giuliana Rancic! Hahahaha!  Can you believe it!? She wasn’t sure that she’d be up for the back-and-forth traveling across the country, but then learned that CCRM was who Giuliana chose to use throughout her infertility journey, and that was more than enough incentive to hop on a plane to Denver!

I think the hubs almost fell off his chair when she said it.  He thought my excitement has been a bit crazy, but now this wonderful stranger was showing him that HE was the one that was acting crazy. Giuls is really that awesome! (ok, he may not explain it that way, but, hey, this is my story!).

I guess the silver lining to this story is that we all need to embrace the small excitements, joys, and special ‘signs’ that give us hope and happiness as we embark on this difficult journey.

Giuliana and Bill now have a beautiful baby boy who was born through surrogacy, thanks to CCRM.


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