Egg Retrieval Completed

That darn E2 (estrogen) just keeps climbing.  The day before yesterday, it had gone up to 7000, so my doc now has me on two medications to get it down.  I thought I was done with injections for awhile, but now Ive got seven days of Cetrotide, which is costing us a whopping $660!  Seriously, is that not completely ridiculous!?!?


So anyways, we went in for my retrieval yesterday.  The procedure only takes about 20 minutes but we were there for 2 hrs 45 mins.  In recovery I was definitely feeling a bit crampy and uncomfortable. Although, my spirits raised when they told me they had retrieved 29 eggs! Pretty awesome news since they were only counting about 13 follicles during the last week of ultrasounds.

When I went back for the procedure, the hubs was sent to give his sample.  Poor guy, those sterile white rooms with out of date videos and magazines are just not the biggest turn on in the world.  Good thing he took in a couple of pics of me! 🙂

PicMonkey Collage

I slept most of the drive home and laid around the rest of the evening.  By 730 or 8pm, I was feeling pretty crappy – bad cramping, lower back pain which caused my right leg discomfort at times, and intermittent nausea.  Im a little freaked about the possibility of developing OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) since it can be quite dangerous, so im trying to drink tons of fluids, eat lots of salt, and keep my legs raised.

Im still laying around today, but definitely feeling a bit better. We received more good news from the embryologist today – of my 29 eggs, they used ICSI on 14 and left the other 15 to naturally fertilize and the outcomes was a total of 16 fertilized embryos!  We’re really happy with that – especially since they fertilized on our 5 year anniversary!!!

So, now begins the waiting game.  Well, one of the many waiting games throughout this process!  In 6-8 weeks, we will be transferring one of those embryos, hoping and praying that that will mark the start of a successful 9 month pregnancy.

Starting Monday, I am going to focus on me and make sure that I’m as happy and healthy as can be in time for the transfer. I want to be in the best health of my life when we (re)start this journey.  So, will you join me?


4 thoughts on “Egg Retrieval Completed

  1. Quick question…I am so new at this process despite having been ttc for 3 years. How do they retrieve eggs? Will I have a scar? Lol 🙂 not that it actually matters. My retrieval in Houston is tentatively scheduled for this upcoming Friday

    • Don’t worry, no scar!
      They use an ultrasound wand which has a long needle attached to it. The needle goes through the vaginal wall directly to the ovary over and over again (29 times in my case) to retrieve each egg one at a time.

      Looking forward to hearing how your’s goes! You’ll do great!

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