Day 3 Post-Retrieval Update!

THANK YOU on speech bubble price labelsHey everyone!  I want to start out by saying a quick thank you to my many new ‘friends’ that have been showing me love and support both here and on twitter (dont forget to LIKE my facebook page, too!). My following is still small, but I can’t tell you how good it feels to have some ladies out there who are offering me encouragement, advice, and hope throughout this difficult battle with infertility. Thank you. Truly.

So, today is Day 3 post-retrieval.  The day after, we were told that 16 of our 29 eggs had fertilized. Well today, the news was even better!  Not only did ALL 16 fertilized eggs divide, but 5 more that they had originally considered ‘question marks’ have now also divided, so now we have 21 that are looking great and doing exactly as they should!  I was warned that not all 21 would still look good on Day 5 or 6 (when they freeze), but 21 is a darn good number to be starting with!!!

Bloated_MedAs for me, I foolishly assumed that I would be totally fine after the retrieval. I had no pain or discomfort after my tubes were closed last month, even after they said I’d likely need to be out of work for a week. So I guess I got a big head and assumed I was a hard core trooper when it came to medical procedures.  Well, not this time.  I spent most of the weekend laying flat, being pampered by my hubby (ok, so this part was awesome!), and feeling pretty uncomfortable. I am more bloated now than I was when my ovaries were still filled with follicles, im crampy and sore, my lower back hurts, im constipated, and peeing all the time (5 times overnight!). I did go for an ultrasound this morning (on the belly this time) where they checked for pockets of fluid.  I had very little which all but rules out the possibility of OHSS. Yay!  So, i guess this discomfort just comes with the territory and it will slowly go away.

Stay tuned for a Day 5 update!!!


4 thoughts on “Day 3 Post-Retrieval Update!

  1. Thank you for keeping us updated! I love the small, but faithful community we are building here 🙂 I go in for another ultrasound this morning. Retrieval sometime this weekend 🙂

  2. I’m new to the blogging world, but totally agree about how great these communities are for us. Look after yourself – sounds like you’ve got the right idea letting hubby look after you ;o)
    Keep us updated.

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