Embryo Update!

I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting our final embryo count, so here goes…..


We have 11 viable, high-quality embryos that were frozen on Day 6!!! I am really pleased with that number, as they said that they’re expectation is that 50% of the eggs that were successfully fertilized will make it through the five-day process.

I’m also feeling much better.  I’m feeling almost back to normal, in fact, and am going to take the plunge and head back to the gym tomorrow.  I was told that I should hold off until my period comes, but a little bit of elliptical action can’t possibly hurt, right!?

The hubs and I are feeling a mix of excitement, stress, and impatience right now. We were so ready for the transfer this month.  We had our hearts set on it, so it was really really disappointing when it didn’t happen.  Now we have to wait approximately 6 weeks, which feels like forever. This is also causing some additional stress as we are incurring some significant additional costs.  In fact, this one month delay is costing about $5000! Unlike some couples going through this process, we are draining our savings to cover costs – the savings we hoped to use on a down payment for our first house.  We both work in public policy – certainly not a lucrative business.  It’s very stressful, especially for the hubs who is the primary manager of our finances. Believe it or not, it can even make him a bit moody sometimes! 😦

Some of the additional costs include: 4 more weeks of acupuncture (~$560), medications (~$1500), frozen transfer (~$3500). Not cool. NOT cool.


We’re going to try to stay busy over the next month and hope that time will just fly by.We’ve decided to take an unscheduled trip to South Dakota for no other reason than that we need to get away, think Mount Rushmore would be pretty cool to see, and simply want to be able to say that we’ve been to South Dakota! The hubs also has a BIG birthday next month – turning the big 3-0 – so we’ll spend some much deserved time celebrating that.  I’ve also got a work trip coming up that looks like it’s going to fall at a pretty inopportune time when I’m just starting new meds and doctor appointments for blood draws and ultrasounds will be required.  I really hope I can go, but I know that IVF comes first…

No more updates for now. Ill keep you up-to-date on how this weight loss/health kick adventure goes over the next few weeks.

Have a great weekend!


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