Transfer Around the Corner!

Whew!  It’s been a while, huh?

For the last month or so, my body has been recovering from over-stimulating my ovaries for retrieval. It has also been preparing for my embryo transfer scheduled for this Wednesday. Yup, 36 hours from now!  Yikes – Im excited, nervous, hopeful, and terrified. I feel like I’ve been working so hard in anticipation for this, and I am terrified that I am going to get the biggest disappointment of my life in 11 days. On the other hand, I’m feeling hopeful. I think we’re ready, my body is ready. I need to let my positive thoughts overpower the negative ones. I just have to.

A quick re-cap of the last month:

Everyone Is Pregnant: Ugh, why is everrryone pregnant!?!? I had a friend who was having trouble conceiving. Now she’s about to pop. I have a friend I traveled with for work last week. She’s 3 months pregnant. A member of my family, who is 40, just popped up pregnant. A total oops. I could go on…and on…and on…

Reaction to Meds: I was at the gym this last weekend running on the treadmill. I was fine until I stepped to the sides for a moment to take a sip of water. I felt sooo dizzy. I slowed the treadmill down, and went to step back on. The next thing I know, I wake up on the floor and people come rushing all around me. I passed out! That’s never ever happened to me. Thankfully, I wasn’t hurt. Apparently, I am not supposed to get my heart rate too high while on all my meds. NO ONE told me.

Meds: At one time or another, I’ve been on birth control, Doxcycline, Lurpon (injectionable), Vivelle (patches), Medrol, and Endometrin.  I don’t have much to say about these, other than the Endometrin.  I. Dont. Like. It. Endometrin is a vaginal suppository that I have to use 3 times a day. It sucks because it’s messy.  I would suggest using a thin maxi pad. That’s all I’ll say.

Some Tips I’ve Learned:

  • RollingPinIf you’re having any blood flow problems (and doing acupuncture), you should also be doing a lot of walking, drinking lots of fluids, and running a rolling pin up and down your thigh – 3 sets of 10 – twice a day
  • Have sex the night before transfer. Orgasms are a plus! Trick your body into thinking that you are making this baby naturally (and keep in mind you aren’t allowed to have another orgasm for 6 weeks if you’re successful in getting pregnant!)
  • NO caffeine or chocolate
  • Don’t do any intensive exercise
  • This was one of the hardest for me – Don’t sit with your legs crossed.
  • Prepare for the messiness of Endometrin
  • Clinic rooms are cold – be sure to bring warm socks
  • To remove the sticky residue left behind by Vivelle patches, use baby oil
  • A study has shown that women who laugh a lot shortly after transfer are more likely to remain pregnant. So, watch funny movies while you’re on bedrest!

Well, transfer on Wednesday! Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8 thoughts on “Transfer Around the Corner!

  1. Yay! So exciting! Congratulations! Please keep us posted. Quick question: How did you know not to eat chocolate? I’ve not been told that, and I’ve been eating way MORE than usual 🙂 Also, when are you supposed to stop exercising? I was not told that either…I am still a long ways away (June 12 or 13), but I would like to know ahead of time 🙂

    • Hey! So, unfortunately, I learned both of these things wayyy later than i would have liked. Kind of annoying, actually. But yea, I learned about the chocolate when I went in to get my dopplers (blood flow) checked. Mine was elevated and she asked if I had been drinking any caffeine or eating any chocolate (which contains caffeine). I, like you, had been eating tons of chocolate and hadn’t even thought about it. I say stay away as much as you can. Im sure a bite here and there is no biggie. As for the exercise, I didn’t know until this weekend when I passed out at the gym. I called CCRM after to see if there was a chance that it could have been a result of some of my meds or if I should be concerned it was something else. The response from the nurse was, “omg, what in the world are you thinking running this close to transfer!?” She explained that at least one of the meds increases the size of your red blood cells which can affect oxygen going to the brain…or something like that! I have no idea when over this last month I should have quit working out. I didn’t bother asking at this point.

      • Argh! These are some things that I wish I had been told. I don’t know when this will be important, but I start Lupron next week…I’m still up in my weight since first round of ivf and haven’t been able to shake it. I’ve been running quite a bit….and eating ice cream…oops 😦

      • Yea, Lauren, I must admit, I’ve been relatively happy with the support from the clinic overall, but these little tid-bits that could help with conception OR save you from passing out on a treadmill would have been really helpful…

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