I’ll Be Pregnant Tomorrow…At Least For A Day….

embryo-division_lgMy nurse tells me that when transferring a 5-day old embie, it takes somewhere between 2-24 hours for it to fully implant…or not. That means that for some or most of the day tomorrow, I’ll be pregnant. After that, well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

It’s wild, isn’t it?  In Vitro Fertilization. I figured that I’d be like most other people who hope and wait each month for signs that the sperm and egg met, traveled back down the fallopian tube and implanted in the uterine wall.  That process is completely different for us. My egg and his sperm met and fertilized over a month ago.  The cells of that fertilized egg began separating with the goal of becoming a fetus over a month ago. Tomorrow, that fertilized, 5-day old egg is going to be ‘glued’, surgically by a doctor, to my uterine wall. The question is whether my body will warmly embrace this new being or reject what it thinks is a foreign object.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m excited, nervous, excited, nervous. I have high hopes, but great fears.  I want to believe, but then I begin to question.  I fear my own ability to overcome the disappointment of a failed cycle. An expensive and mentally draining cycle.

I’m going to walk in to the clinic tomorrow acknowledging no emotion but hope. This will work. And I am going to have positive pregnancy test in 2 weeks and a perfect little baby in 10 months.


I believe.


5 thoughts on “I’ll Be Pregnant Tomorrow…At Least For A Day….

    • You’re so sweet! Thanks for asking! I’m well! But boy, I’ll tell ya, this bed rest thing is no fun! Ive never wanted to get up and rub around so badly! I worry that every time i re-position myself on the couch out go to the bathroom, I’m going to mess something up!

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