Quick ‘Symptom’ Update

A symptom of what?  I don’t freakin know!

Im rounding out my 6th day past transfer. Yesterday I felt some slight twinges on my right side near my ovary.  Obviously I’m not ovulating, so not sure what that’s about.  I’m sure I’m just being hypersensitive.

Today, however, I have been experiencing very light but relatively consistent cramping all day.  It doesn’t feel like my period cramps which are much more intense and uncomfortable.  But, that’s also because I don’t usually experience them until Im actually on my period.

Aside from that, all I’m feeling is excitement, nerves, and anxiety.  I’m an incredibly impatient person even in my day-to-day life, so this 2 week waiting game is driving me nuts!  I finally convinced my hubby to take a trip to Walgreens with me to get an HPT.  But, I’ve left it in the bag and am going to hold out as long as I possibly can before testing.

It was kinda weird.  I was feeling relatively hopeful all day today but then the moment I saw the pregnancy tests I was sure that I would see only one line. I felt a lump rise in my throat and I began to feel physically sick. Ugh.

What an emotionally draining process this is…


7 thoughts on “Quick ‘Symptom’ Update

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