An Invisible Support System

I am finding it very difficult to have such a very very small female support system in this early period of my pregnancy.  The hubs and I have been clear that we do not want to share this news with many people until we have passed the 12 week mark. Unfortunately, that leaves few close friends or family (specifically, women) to call when I am freaking out, worrying, and just plain stressed. My relationship with my mom is strained right now and I haven’t spoken to her in many months.  She has no idea that I am pregnant and while I am not eager to share the news with her, I feel the void of a mother’s strength and support.

I have picked up the phone many times, prepared to call one of my dear friend’s, Abby, who had her own beautiful baby boy last year. I felt like I needed to share this news with her and ask for her support.  But every time, I shied away. Then on Thursday, this was delivered to my office:


With a note that said:


I completely forgot that I had shared my blog with her many many months ago.  And I certainly had no idea that she ever actually read it.

Abby knew just the right way to tell me she knew my big news, to show her support, and to remind me that she will always be there when I need her.

I cried when I read the card.  I was so incredibly touched. I still am. Thank you, Abs, for being such a thoughtful and good friend.


5 thoughts on “An Invisible Support System

    • Hey! Thanks! 🙂
      I actually started bleeding last week so they let me come in on Sat for the u/s (i was certain i miscarried). BUT, we say our little Blueberry and heard the strong heartbeat! I have a subchorionic hemorrage (bleed in the uterine lining) so Ive been on bed rest since my sat appt. Its supposed to just heal on it s own with some rest.

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