Everyone’s Doing Great!

Quick update:

We’re all ok!

Blueberry (actual size = prune) was wiggling around today!  Wiggling around!!!! We even saw her little fingers! She has a very strong HR of 180 and seems to be doing great.

My spotting was a result of my subchorionic hemorrhage (SCH) that, while very small, is still in fact present. The nurse didn’t seem concerned and said that the bleed should either be reabsorbed into the uterine lining or empty itself out (i.e. I may continue to spot).

We saw our general OB for the first time today.  It made us feel like a ‘normal’ pregnant couple. The nurse gave us lots of pamphlets full of information, told us a bit about what the next 30.5 weeks would look like, and even talked a bit about the delivery!  Umm, err, what!?  I’ve barely wrapped my head around the fact that I’m pregnant – delivering our baby has yet to even enter my consciousness!

Im looking forward to this Friday rolling around and us entering the double-digit weeks! 10 weeks – sounds like something, huh!? Yes, of course I keep reminding myself we’re not out of the clear…or the first clear, shall I say, but I’m feeling good and trying to be positive!

We’ve been lucky enough to see our little Blueberry practically every week since 6.5 weeks, so it’s going to be incredibly hard to wait 3 more weeks before we get to see her again.  I’m sure ill start going a little mad in about a week or two, but for now, I’m going to simply smile at the thought of our little Blueberry wiggling around!

Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement over this last week!


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