No More Meds!

My nurse called this morning with the glorious news that i can discontinue all my medications!


Since embarking on our IVF journey 6 months ago, I have not gone a day without taking at least one medication.  Since a week before our transfer (5/1), I have had 4 Vivelle patches (estrogen) scattered along my lower abdomen, 3 daily Endometrin suppositories (progesterone) making a mess, and, over the last month, Progesterone in Oil (PIO) injections that my hubby has had to jab me with every other day.  Plus, both times my subchorionic bleed opened up, I was on an antibiotic for 10 days to prevent infection. Over the last 3 weeks, I have slowly been tapering off – a reduction of one suppository and one patch per week.  Then, the PIO dosage was cut in half.  My estrogen and progesterone levels have been checked weekly, ensuring that the increase in my body’s production of the hormones was offsetting the reduction of the meds.

Today, I am free from medication.  I have nothing stuck to me, nothing leaking out of me, and no needles piercing my skin.  I feel free!  And more important, I feel, for the first time, like a ‘normal’ pregnant woman.

The much anticipated nurse’s call did more than eliminate my medication. I’ve gone 2 weeks with no u/s and have a little more than a week to go until my next one.  It’s been driving me crazy not being able to see our little Blueberry.  With no pregnancy symptoms to speak of, I can’t say I really ‘feel’ pregnant.  I’ve desperately wanted a sign that everything is a-ok. That sign was my lab results.  I realized my estrogen and progesterone levels and any possible changes in them from last week could be a good indication that things are going well or something might be wrong. So, the news that my levels stayed virtually the same – pretty high at 2300 and 46, respectively – gave me the reassurance I needed that the placenta is still hard at work, keeping my little one alive.  Of course, only an u/s will truly tell, but I’ll take this as a great sign.

I’m 11 weeks, 3 days today. Just a few short days until my second trimester. I can’t wait to tell my extended families and friends.


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