My Wandering Uterus + 16 Week Update

Today was the first doc appointment I’ve been to where I wasn’t scared out of my mind and fearing the worst.  Although I’d like to pretend that that’s because I’m finally easing in to this whole pregnancy thing, I suppose it may be because I was just there last week for a last-minute appointment simply to hear my baby’s heartbeat.

Ok, so perhaps I’ve been freaking out a bit. But how can you blame me – our little Blueberry is playing hide and seek with us!?  Seriously!  It has been weeks now – probably since week 12 – that I’ve been able to feel the top of my uterus.  At first it was a low, hard mass that sat about an inch or two above my pelvic bone.  But in the last couple weeks, it has been moving all around, reaching the top of my bellybutton one minute, and then two inches lower the next.  Or one minute it will be hard and creating a beautiful little bump while the next minute, I will have to poke and prod on my stomach to find it deep within my abdomen.  WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THAT!?  I hate it.  I get my hopes up that I’m finally starting to pop and then bam, the bump is gone.  So naturally, I’ve been laying on my bed, couch, or office floor (yep, I said it – Im the weirdo laying behind her desk) between 5-10 times a day looking for my wandering uterus.  I got myself so worked up that I called the nurse in tears last week, wondering if my imaginary shrinking uterus was a sign that the baby was shrinking as well.  She pitied me and let me come in to hear the HR.  Obviously, the HR was great – 156 – and I was told, in the politest way possible to calm the f*ck down.  So, that’s what I’ve been trying to do!

Today’s appointment was a quick one.  But, we got to see Blueberry, which was pretty awesome!  She was so much bigger than our 12 week appointment and we saw her ribcage, spine, fingers, toes, and facial structure.  We didn’t have one of those fancy-dancy 12-week appointments where they take a close look at the baby to screen for abnormalities, so seeing the baby was even more exciting for us. We did have the blood test done that screens for, well, scary stuff, and I expect those results shortly. Next visit – week 20 – is a 45-minute ultrasound done in a different department where they check every little inch of Blueberry’s body for scary stuff and abnormalities. I hope beyond words that everything is a-ok!

As for me, I have no symptoms to speak of.  The skin sensitivity that I developed is basically gone.  And other than just getting a rounder and much fatter-looking figure, I wouldn’t say much else has changed!

Finally, a little life update – the hubby and I just signed a lease on a new place and we’re moving September 1st.  We’re in a 1-br apt right now and definitely don’t have space for a baby.  We’re moving into a little house and while that may not seem so exciting to those of you already settled in a home, we have lived in apartments ever since college and throughout our entire relationship.  The idea of bringing our baby home to a real house that shares walls with no one and has its own front and back yard is just so exciting to us!  Maybe one day we’ll actually buy one!  Although, our down payment went to IVF this year…

We’ve begun our daycare search and my only word for you on that front is e.x.p.e.n.s.i.v.e. The first place we toured was $1640 a month. Whoa.  We are going to keep looking and are considering a nanny-share as well, but this will continue to be a high-stress process.  Babies are expensive! …but so so worth it!

Finally, I get to see my dad and brother this weekend – the first time since I got pregnant and I can’t freakin wait!  Although, I wish I had more of a bump for them to dote on! 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Wandering Uterus + 16 Week Update

  1. Hello Emily.

    Feels like I’vve known you forever even though we have never met. We have just had a 6 weeks old baby girl through CCRM and I have started reading your blog since before we began our journey at CCRM over a year and a half ago. Congratulations on starting a second journey. Best of luck to both you and your husband. We also live in Denver and I am wondering if you have any advice on childcare. We are actually kinda late in the game and are having a hard time getting our daughter in anywhere cheap or expensive.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Fon,

      Thanks for following my blog for so long! and huge congratulations on your little girl. Im not familiar with too many childcare places and im not sure where in denver you live but I would suggest looking at Bright Horizons, Highlands Academy, or Montessori Academy of CO. Nanny shares can also be great too and tend to be easier to get into than daycare settings. Hope that helps!

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