I Guess I Finally Look Pregnant! (18wks,3days)

Well, I don’t know if it’s my belly that seems to be sticking out a wee bit more today, or the awesome pair or maternity trousers Im wearing to work for the first time, but Im getting the sense that I finally look pregnant!

First, my good friend and colleague exclaimed, “wow, you’re really showing!” as soon as I walked into her office this morning.

Then I met a friend for lunch who has been out of the country since before I got pregnant.  I planned to tell her sometime during our time together, but the moment I walked up, her eyes lit up and she began rubbing my belly.

Not everyone in my 25-person office knows I’m pregnant….yet.  After lunch, I walked to the bathroom and a woman I work with stopped me in the hall, looked down at my belly and simply said, “Oh my gosh!”

Finally, moments later my boss who has known for a long time stopped in her tracks, started vigorously pointing at my belly and just smiled.

I still don’t totally see it – I kinda still just feel fat – but I’ve wanted to ‘look’ pregnant for so long now, and it seems to finally be happening.  The congratulations are rolling in and it feels so good! People are excited for us.  And it makes me all the more excited too!

I think I’ll try for my first belly pic soon!  Stay tuned…


12 thoughts on “I Guess I Finally Look Pregnant! (18wks,3days)

  1. I finally got there, too! Today was 19 weeks and we go for the fetal survey tomorrow. If all goes well, we’ll find out if we’re having a little boy or a little girl. It’s all so weird still! I can’t believe that the little worm growing inside me actually has a gender! So surreal!

    • That’s so exciting! They encouraged us to schedule our scan a bit later (we had the option of anywhere from 18-22wks) so that the baby would be bigger, so our anatomy scan is not until I’m 21wks. I cant believe we have to wait so long! Im jealous that you get to go tomorrow and am eager to hear the news! Good luck and enjoy – I hear as scary as the scan is, it’s also really exciting!

      • I am terrified! But it makes me feel a whole lot better to know that others feel the same way. Though then I feel a bit guilty about taking comfort is others’ anxiety! As I tell my students when they are worried about something, nervousness and excitement are very closely related. I hope my nerves change to excitement very quickly tomorrow so I don’t pass out! 🙂

      • I hear ya totally! Im a hyperchondriac as well. Our anxiety can literally be torture and make us feel locked up in a prison of fear. We have to fight every single day. And now, we can fight together! 🙂

        Your appointment is going to go great tomorrow. Cant wait to get the results.

      • There’s a small speck of calcium in her heart but no other markers for Downs Syndrome. We elected not to get any genetic testing as two friends of ours had babies with the calcium speck, went through further testing because they were told about the D.S. risk, stressed themselves all out and now have beautiful, healthy, genetically normal baby boys. We’re not interested in that, especially with my anxiety!

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