21 Weeks – Anatomy Scan and Gender Reveal!


We’re having a little baby boy!  As you know from previous posts, everyone thought it was a girl.  Even during our u/s today, the tech was sure it was a girl (although she didn’t tell us why!) until our little guy finally uncrossed his tightly closed legs and revealed his…manhood! 🙂  I’ll be honest, the hubs and I were so sure it was a girl, we were a little shocked to see and hear otherwise, and it took awhile for the news to truly sink in! But, following the appointment we weren’t quite ready to go straight to work so went to a local coffee shop to revel in the excitement of a successful scan and gender reveal and that’s when our excitement set in!  We’re having a little boy and we couldn’t be more excited! We can’t wait to go buy our first baby boy outfit this weekend, to begin decorating his nursery, and dreaming about all the things we’re going to do with him once he arrives.  I already love my little guy to pieces and I haven’t even met him!

I have been anxiously awaiting this ultrasound ever since my first positive pregnancy test. It is a 45-min scan that takes a close look at the baby, placenta, and cervix, with the sole purpose of looking for anomalies.  In part it is exciting in that the tech points out almost every inch of the baby’s body from the brain, the four chambers of the heart, kidneys, stomach, arms, legs, feet, and hands. But it is also nerve wracking because the tech is not supposed to explicitly tell you if there is a problem since that judgement is left up to your doctor following his/her review, so you are therefore constantly trying to read the tech’s facial expressions (was that a look of concern!?), or for them to spend what seems like too long focused on one part of the body. I’m thrilled to report that within the hour I had an email from my doc saying that everything was normal with no anomalies found!  Huge HUGE sigh of relief!

I see this as a huge milestone in this pregnancy and although I know that my worries will never go away, I feel more free than I have since this painfully long journey began 1.5 years ago and am finally ready to embrace this pregnancy fully.  I am having a baby.  A healthy little baby boy with the man of my dreams.  I am so very lucky.


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