My Community of Bloggers

The blogging community I joined over a year ago has been so integral to my maintenance of sanity throughout the emotionally draining journey through infertility.  I have ‘friends’ who I’ve have never met, whose blogs I follow religiously, who I feel such a close connection to, and cry and laugh right along with.  For some, I don’t even know their real names, but I know the details of their journeys better than most and feel truly invested in their lives.  My heart breaks with theirs when bad news arises, and it swoons with theirs when it is time to celebrate.  I am so grateful for this incredible community of women.  Without you by my side and in the absence of your caring and encouraging words, my journey would have been far more challenging.

One very special blogger is Lauren from Tear Drops Falling.  I adore reading her posts, filled with beautiful prose that fill even the saddest moments with hope, love, and faith.  I adore her ever-lasting optimism.  I adore her unwavering support.  I adore the sweet comments she leaves on my blog posts every. single. time.  I also adore how absolutely adorable she is! 🙂 The best part about Lauren is that she, like me, lives in Colorado and I was therefore lucky enough to meet her in person just days ago!

Our meeting was an extra special one because we are now both pregnant.  Lauren has had a trying journey and was not successful until her 3rd transfer.  It literally broke my heart every time she got bad news, desperately wanting for her to hear those two unforgettable words: “you’re pregnant!”  It finally happened and at just 9.5 weeks, Lauren is already glowing.  We got to celebrate our pregnancies together (over apple juice for me and brothy soup for her!) and also discuss the trials and tribulations of infertility.  It was a special time.

And do you know what else!?  Sitting on the table in front of her was this:

LaurenGiftA gift for my little Blueberry.  Lauren and I had never met, but our concurrent journeys through infertility left us with a connection that drove her to give me a gift to help me celebrate the best thing that’s ever happened to me (well, 2nd only to the day I married the man of my dreams).

We should all cherish our community of bloggers.  We are very lucky to have such a wonderful support system, no matter where we live in the world.

Thank you, Lauren.


7 thoughts on “My Community of Bloggers

  1. It was such a delight to share pregnancy fears and joys over apple juice and soup. You’ve reminded me for so long that there is hope…IVF does work…thank you. Hugs 🙂 Oh, and I can’t wait for our next date!

  2. This is my favorite thing about these blogs. I don’t know how I would have survived this year if it wasn’t for my amazing IF blogger community. You girls are amazing. I am so glad you found someone so close to you. I was also lucky enough to meet someone in person from the blog-o-sphere. It’s such a great feeling to be surrounded by amazing ladies.

  3. So wonderful the bonds women can create, we all share the same goal and it’s great to see us be supportive of one another. Dealing with infertility can only be understood by someone who has dealt with infertility. I’m happy to see that happy endings occur.

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