Um, Whoa. It’s November Already (29wk update + bump pic)

Happy 29 weeks to my little Blueberry!

So close, yet so far!  I remember back when I was 13 weeks and we picked the dates for all the classes we wanted to take (yes, we’re planners! 🙂 ).  I asked the scheduler on the phone if she thought I was crazy for scheduling them so early, feeling like November was a million years away.  I wondered if we’d even get that far.

But tomorrow is the start of November.  Tomorrow is the November that I wondered would ever come. Tomorrow is the start of the 2nd-to-last full month I will be pregnant.  Tomorrow is the start of the busiest baby-focused month we will have.  My work is throwing me a little baby shower on Friday, my friends are throwing one on Saturday, and then the following 6 weeks are stacked full with baby classes.  We’re taking classes on childbirth, breastfeeding, infant CPR, and one that teaches you how to care for and bathe a newborn.  My hubby is also taking a ‘Daddy Bootcamp’ class which I just LOVE the idea of!  A couple seasoned dads (i.e. with 1-6month olds) will bring their babies into the class and teach their fellow soon-to-be dads what the heck to do with the little munchkins.  Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the wall and watch them fumble, grunt, and awkwardly laugh through it all!?  I would. Ha. In the midst of all that, we really need to buckle down and get the nursery done.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to make the next two months fly by and I fear we’re going to get to January 1 with nothing but a crib in Blue’s room! I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

As for an official pregnancy update:

I’m feeling just fine (knock on wood that I stay that way!).  I get paranoid saying so, but since my scary bleeds very early on, this pregnancy has pretty much been a breeze.  I’ve had no weird food cravings or aversions, I haven’t felt particularly tired or fatigued.  I’ve had no swelling or sleeping problems to speak of.  I’ve had none of these things, yet. Of course, just today, my friend who is a mother of two told me to enjoy it while it lasts because I won’t be able to fit my sneakers over my swollen feet 6 weeks from now.  Fun.

I suppose the only symptoms I can speak of are:

  • Emotions. I’m not moody, but I am emotional. I’m definitely crying a bit more than normal.  I toasted and buttered an english muffin the other day and moments later knocked the plate off the counter.  I began to cry, kinda a lot.
  • Hair.  My least favorite symptom so far is the hair on my belly.  Like I’ve said before, it wouldn’t startle any outside observer, but it’s unarguably noticeable close up.  I despise it.
  • Deep breathing.  I run out of breath easier.  I find myself breathing deeper and more heavily.  My hubby has taken note of this even more than I have.
  • Frequent urination.  They need a better word than ‘frequent.’  Frequent sounds like every 2-3 hours.  I can’t even make it through a 1-hr meeting without feeling like I’m literally going to explode.  And the real discomfort doesn’t come until I stand up to walk to the bathroom.  The pressure makes me waddle like a freakin’ idiot.
  • Widening belly-button.  Yup, widening.  I have a very deep belly-button so Ill be rather shocked if it pops all the way out, but the hole is clearly being stretched and therefore getting wider and ever-so-slightly shallower.

As for my little Blueberry – he’s kicking a fair amount.  Not that I have anything to compare it to.  The few times I’ve actually bothered to do a kick count, we always get to 10 kicks within 30 minutes.  I have my moments of sheer panic where I realize it’s been awhile since I’ve felt him, but some apple juice or a few pokes will usually get him going – at least enough to put my mind at ease before he drifts back off to sleep.  I did only just feel hiccups for the first time about a week ago and those actually freaked me out a bit. They were weaker taps than his normal kicks and were consistent every second or two for about 45 seconds. The possibility of hiccups didn’t even cross my mind, and my warped anxiety made me jump straight to a seizure.  Haha, I need to just laugh at that now.  But, it did have me scared until I came to my senses.

Blue’s last appt was a week ago and he was measuring right on schedule at 28cm and had a strong HR of 145bpms.  Next appointment is not until week 32, so he’s got some time to do some serious growing before then.

That’s about all for now.  Here is a creepy bump pic (28weeks) from the bathroom at my work for your viewing pleasure…

Bump 28weeks


3 thoughts on “Um, Whoa. It’s November Already (29wk update + bump pic)

  1. You look so beautiful pregnant! I love the idea of a Daddy boot-camp! That’s so wonderful. I’ll have to look into something like that in my area. I think Hubby could benefit from it when the time comes.

  2. So excited for this season for you! I’ve had to remind myself several times that one way or the other we are bringing home a baby. If the nursery doesn’t get done, then it will be okay. If things are perfect and I don’t feel prepared, then it will still be okay. Out miracles will come home!

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