Growing Baby Bump

All of a sudden, Im feeling quite pregnant.  Quite.

And, it’s the first time I’ve seen a pretty big change in just 3 weeks. Do you see it!?


(apologies for the creepy bathroom pics!)


12 thoughts on “Growing Baby Bump

  1. Hello,
    I have been following your blog for some time now. Congratulations on your wonderful news!!
    I recently found out that I am pregnant (with CCRM) but as you know it is too soon so trying not to get too excited about it. I wanted to know if there was a book that you would recommend which has helped you? I saw two books on amazon with good reviews – “What to expect when you are expecting and Mayo clinic guide to a healthy pregnancy”. Which ones have helped you and what would you recommend?
    Thanks for this blog and wishing you a safe delivery. Lots of Love.

    • Congratulations!!! How exciting!!! 🙂

      I have both books you mentioned and read from both of them each week, or two, or three. I got the What to Expect Book, because, well, that’s the famous one I always hear about. My doc, however, said she hates that book and told me to get the Mayo Clinic book. I guess I would say get the Mayo one (esp since its doc recommended), but more importantly, if you download the What to Expect app on your phone, or sign up by emails, you can get the weekly updates there and that’s kind of fun.

      Please throw all the questions at me that you have! And congrats again!!!!!

      • That would be awesome. I have United Health and really would prefer a female OB. Thank you for your help. I am still stimming so we have quite some time to find one.

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