Baby Shower Time: A Lot To Be Thankful For

Yay for people loving us, getting excited for us, celebrating the biggest and best thing that’s ever happened to us!


I had two baby showers last week.  And, wow, I really felt the love.  I have always had a hard time believing that people genuinely care about me so the time, effort, and money that people put in to making those days special really blew me away.

2013-11-08 15.04.49

Friday was my office shower.  I’ll be honest, I was pretty much dreading it.  I work with a quirky group of researcher-types, many of whom are awkward introverts who generally don’t do well in social settings.  But, when I arrived in our conference room, the table was decorated with little baby blankets and stuffed animals, confetti and miniature rattles were scattered around, and non-alcoholic champagne sat waiting for me on the table.  The party lasted an hour, but every minutes felt like a celebration, filled with smiles and best wishes and lots of gift giving.  Even the HR lady that drives me bonkers handed me a gift bag filled with fun stuff for our little guy.  People were truly happy for me and were excited to help me celebrate.

2013-11-08 15.04.40

Saturday followed with a shower thrown by 4 close girlfriends.  It was a co-ed thing with boyfriends and husbands present, which was very important to me.  The moment we walked in, my eyes fell on the one thing I have always fantasized about having at my baby shower – a diaper cake!  My friend Lindsey, who I’ve known for many many years had rolled each diaper individually and built a 4-tier diaper cake that was truly divine!


And, in the midst of the munching and mingling, a slideshow was played which featured baby pics of me and my hubs.  Both our brothers had been contacted and given the duty of collecting and sending along the pics.  The slideshow played to 80s music and really couldn’t have been cuter. Again, it was an incredibly thoughtful, moving and touching celebration that made me and the hubs feel so so special.

2013-11-09 14.59.08

We are very lucky.  We are lucky that we are cared for and loved by many.  We are lucky that we have something so special to celebrate.


4 thoughts on “Baby Shower Time: A Lot To Be Thankful For

  1. I’m so excited! I was going to ask you soon if you didn’t post about the showers. Does this just make everything a bit more real?
    By the way, I told my husband that waxing will be happening if you catch my drift. Lol.

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