32 Weeks and Feelin’ It (+ bump pics!)

I’m feeling pregnant, folks. Up until about a week ago, I’ve been bragging to telling people that if I didn’t have this bulging belly or wasn’t feeling the pitter patter of Blue’s kicks and swooshes, I wouldn’t even know I was pregnant.  Well, now I do.  To be fair, I don’t have a majority of the symptoms that many of my friends are complaining of or that my What to Expect app says I should, but I am certainly not as comfortable as I was.

Most notably, lounging and lying around (just about my favorite thing to do!) is becoming less and less comfortable.  I thinks it’s any position considered slumping.  On the couch, I have to sit up quite straight with my shoulders back.  No more lying around or cuddling up in my hubby’s arms.  And in bed, I have to prop my pillows high and sit straight up when I want to read.  These struggles are a result of two things: 1) my ribs are aching as they’re begin to slowly spread apart.  And Blue’s kicks are becoming heftier jabs high up in the rib cage that can be pretty uncomfortable. 2) I can’t breathe!  When lying down flat-ish, I find that my breathing becomes incredibly labored until I’m needing to take deep long breaths just to get enough oxygen in.

The bathroom is also my new best friend.  I’ve been peeing a lot for months now, but now I’m often going twice in a 15 minute visit to the grocery store.  Ill be fine and then seconds later I’ll feel excruciating pressure on my bladder causing me to scurry off to the nearest bathroom with little more than a brief wave to my husband.

We’ve been working like crazy to get Blue’s room in order. In fact, we’ve been to Ikea every weekend of the last 3.  Buying, returning, contemplating, planning, changing our minds, getting frustrated, feeling overwhelmed, and finding the perfect piece that Blue’s room just won’t be complete without. We’re getting close to finishing the nursery (pics to come!) with a few shelves and pictures left to be hung.

It’s December 1st today.  That means we have finally reached the penultimate month before Blue’s arrival.  We’re feeling super excited and incredibly impatient.  We cannot wait to meet our little guy. Commmmee onnnnn, Blue!

I assume these last 6 weeks and 4 days will fly by, with Christmas, a family visit, and New Years in the midst.  Then it’s just a couple weeks to go!  But man, I wish the time was NOW.  Not that I want him to come before he’s good and ready, but you know what I mean…!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed some much deserved time off. The hubs and I decided to spend it alone together and savor the last Thanksgiving we’ll ever have as a family of two.

Here I am…32 weeks (looking roughhhh, sorry!).

32weekbump 32weekbump_front


11 thoughts on “32 Weeks and Feelin’ It (+ bump pics!)

  1. You look beautiful! I’m so excited to see nursery pics! Honestly, that part of the process stresses me out. I love to decorate, but this is entirely new territory and the perfectionist in me may be my undoing. We need another date soon, but maybe no more walking plans since the weather seems to be turning. Have you tried prenatal yoga? I haven’t, but there are classes at the Mamahood that I thought might be fun to try. Not sure though…
    Your thanksgiving sounds wonderful! Enjoy this last month or so!

    • I’ll admit – the nursery has been rather stressful. It took us weeks to settle on 3 pieces of artwork to go over the crib, lol. But, I can tell you that the moment you get a few toys and baby books on a bookshelf, your heart will melt as you imagine Abby one day riffling through them!

      Yes, let’s please get together soon! I saw the prenatal yoga classes at Motherhood and considered taking them until a) i saw the price and b) my friend told me the girl that taught the class she went to was not a mother and didnt even acknowledge that people in the class were pregnant. Honestly, im just broke 😦 But…what about a warm and toasty decaf coffee!? Or, we could get the boys together and do brunch?

      • I’m broke too! AND, I just found out that my coming maternity leave is unpaid. Oh, joy.
        Anyway, my husband is furiously finishing projects and studying for finals most of the time. Perhaps a coffee date? Maybe 5 p.m. next Monday at the Starbucks at Kipling and I-70?

  2. Love it! So cute. You should be soo thankful that you’re not very uncomfortable, because I sure damn are! We got only a few more weeks to go and it’s so exciting! I hope that we are very close in our delivery times as well 🙂 please share the nursery! I need to put pictures up too…and I am sharing the ikea frustrations with you as well…but we’re almost there. Just feel like nomatter what there’s always “one last thing to do”.

  3. The nursery is stressful for us, also. Ugh, feel your pain on that. YOU look fabulous, however. I love that you’re a few weeks ahead of me so I can see what’s coming! Yay! You’re almost there!!!

  4. You look wonderful! So I am still pregnant and all is going well but I blocked my site because I was too busy to keep it up now that the school year started. I didn’t want to worry anyone if I didn’t write in a while. I hope I didn’t worry you! I’m 34 weeks and she is measuring at 6 pounds. How is that possible?!

    You look amazing!!!

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