Happy {late} New Year! (+38wk update!)

I’ve been slipping on this whole blogging thing!  It’s been a month since I checked in! I have many excuses and while I won’t list them out for ya, I can tell you it’s been a great month filled with family, friends, fun, and…freaking the *f* out about having a baby in T – 2wks 1 week, 4 days!


Quick update:

Christmas was awesome – my dad, brother, and sister-in-law came to visit and all stayed with us in our tiny little 2-br house.  It was tight but absolutely glorious – I have very little family, but I am lucky in that my dad and brother are literally the two most wonderful men on earth, aside from my husband of course, so I count myself very very lucky. I haven’t seen them since before I was really showing – around 17 weeks – so needless to say, my sheer size was a shock to them both! The highlight of the week was without a doubt watching their eyes widen, their mouths drop, and huge smiles come over their faces as they felt our little Blueberry wiggling around in my tummy! 🙂

2013-12-27 21.51.10

I also got the Best. Present. Ever. My thoughtful, wonderful, amazing, loving husband gave me a gift I will cherish always.  Little did I know, weeks ago he recorded Blue’s heartbeat at one of our appointments. He was then able to print Blue’s unique heartbeat and he framed it for me as a gift.  Unbelievable. Needless to say, I broke down the moment I opened it.  Who comes up with stuff like this!?  …Only the best husband on earth!!!


New Years – We spent the evening with a new couple we met in the terrible childbirth class we took (have I even told you about that yet!? The short of it is that we spent $85 and 12 hours of our time with an instructor who knew far less about childbirth than we did.  Her ‘knowledge’ and experience stemmed from the 4 births of her own children 30+ years ago…).  Anyways, that’s a story for another day!  The good news is that we met a great couple who we’ve hung with a couple of times since then.  It was nice to spend New Years Eve with another heavily pregnant lady sippin’ on fake champagne!

Im yet to find the time to do a great ‘looking back on 2013 blog post’, so Ill simply say this:

I found out I was infertile at the start of 2013.  It broke my heart.  It tested my marriage. It cost us tens of thousands of dollars. It made me question myself, my self-worth, my ability to be happy.  It tore me apart both mentally and physically. BUT, we made it through.  I am stronger for it.  My marriage couldn’t be better.  And I have a baby on the way…just days away.  I will never forget the day I saw those two faint lines.  These are the lines that changed our lives. And now we begin 2014 with so much anticipation, excitement, and love.


First ultrasound since 21wks! – Our 36 week appointment brought with it the extra excitement of our first sneak peak of Blue since he was a small little munchkin, not yet even viable in the outside world.  Unlike then, when we got a great shot of his whole body wiggling around, we had to settle for seeing bit by bit since he was way too big to fully fit into the small u/s screen.  It was sooooo exciting to see him, even more than I’d been expecting.  We got a perfect profile shot and the nurse held it there for 2-3 minutes so that we could watch as he licked and sucked on his little lips.  It was the most adorable thing I have ever seen!

Increasing discomfort – One of the reasons I’ve taken my sweet time to write this post is because I’ve developed pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel and it is driving me absolutely nutty! Carpal tunnel suuucckkks.  I wake up in the middle of the night and both my hands are numb and the feeling refuses to come back. Numbness and tingling comes and goes all day and makes it hard to grasp things, to type, to write, to shave my legs…My back has also been hurting a good bit, generally around my ribs. And I feel pretty tired.

Signs of labor – Well, nothing much, to be honest 😦  My friend who was due Jan 9th had her baby early on Dec 23rd. It got me hoping that I was going to go any day now, but I have to keep reminding myself that I may not only go until my due date or perhaps 1 1/2 weeks later (at which time they’d schedule an inducement)!  Not knowing when he’s going to come is literally driving me crazy. It’s driving us both crazy.  And it’s driving my family crazy, because they don’t know when to make plans to come visit.  I ask Blue every day to give me some sort of sign, but he consistently refuses…! The good news is that my 38wk appointment revealed that his head has already dropped into my pelvis (although he will probably drop a bit more in the coming days), that he is facing the correct way (backwards), and that while Im not dilated, I am 75% effaced!  That’s something,  at least, and indicates that my body is doing what it needs to in order to prepare for labor. Normally, my clinic doesnt see me again until 40wks, but they said I could come in this week for a cervix check and if Im a bit dilated, they could try to strip my membranes to try to get things moving.  I havent decided yet if Im going to do that or just let things progress as normal.  Either way, we get to meet Blue in the next few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  🙂

Well, my fingers are pretty much numb at this point, so Im going to sign off.  The promise of nursery picks is still there, and I promise to get them to you soon!

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday season!  Bummer we all had to go back to work, huh!?



6 thoughts on “Happy {late} New Year! (+38wk update!)

  1. I’m fighting the carpal tunnel battle too and it is pure misery. No relief, no matter what you try, and my ob just smiled and said, it will go away after the baby comes. Like that makes me feel better! Enjoy these last few weeks!

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