Smiling the Days Away: 6 Month Update.

I can pretty much sum things up like this:  I find myself smiling pretty much every waking moment I’m in the presence of Toby.


This kid – he’s awesome.  He’s a smiling, laughing, babbling, rolling, scooching, fun-loving, perfect little Munchkin. 

My god, I love him. So so…soooo very much.

I love watching him grow and explore the world.  I love seeing him strengthen his body and develop new skills each and every day.

This past weekend, I watched the most remarkable changes in just three short days. On Friday, Toby raised his upper body while he lay on his stomach. His arms straight, chest held high, hips firm on the ground.  I slid him onto his knees but as soon as I let go, he toppled onto the floor.  Saturday, Toby started in the same position, but then he raised himself completely off the ground into a plank position before lowering back down.  I once again slid him onto his knees and this time he stayed there for a few seconds before toppling back onto his belly. Sunday comes, I slide his knees under him once again and this time he stays solidly put. Then he begins to rock back and forth, eyes fixed on a toy just out of reach, and tries – fails, but tries – to move towards it before toppling to the ground.  How freakin cool is that!?  In just 3 short days!

2014-06-30 16.12.44

Lots of changes this month – first and most exciting is that Toby climbed from 4th percentile in weight to 10th.  TENTH PERCENTILE!  I am so relieved as his low weight has been worrying me for so long.  I’m also very proud.  Toby gained his weight from my milk. With all the challenges we have had, I continue to pretty much exclusively breastfeed him. I’m very proud.

Toby is Curious George these days.  It’s brought on new challenges with feeding because he insists on always knowing what’s going on behind him. He gives each toy in front of him .2 seconds of attention before tossing it away in search of the next best thing. He also effortlessly sits-up, offering him a new vantage point with which to take in the world. We’re hoping that this curiosity will help with the introduction of solids, which we started this past weekend.  Avocado is all we’ve tried and he didn’t seem wild about it, but he did swallow, so that’s a start!

2014-07-06 16.17.58

2014-07-19 13.43.49

Toby took his first plane ride recently, which went off without a hitch. It was a great trip – Toby spent the first few days with his grandpa who came up to DC to hang with him while his dad and I were in meetings and then got to cuddle with his aunt and uncle and play with some new friends in NYC.  Unfortunately, however, it severely disrupted his sleep patterns and did away with all the good progress we made sleep training.  We’ve finally got him back to just 1-2 wake-ups (most nights), but we’re rocking him to sleep which can take anywhere from 5mins to an hour.  So, sleep training is set to commence again soon.

2014-07-02 12.47.47


We’re currently settling into our new house.  It’s a pretty exciting accomplishment for us since we spent a huge portion of our savings we had set aside for home buying on IVF last year. Yep, Toby is our $40,000 baby…and worth every penny! 🙂


Life is good.  Toby makes me so happy.  We’re having such a wonderful time.  And the times that are challenging, that wear me down, that rob me of sleep, that test my patience…I’m trying to enjoy those times too.  I try to take a deep breath and breathe in his sweet milky smell, to kiss the tears from his face, and to cuddle him close and rock him when he’s struggling with sleep. I count myself so very lucky to have a healthy, happy baby.  I hear of too many failed IVF cycles, pre-term labors, NICU stays, and health problems. Someone from one of my mommy groups recently posted that her niece, of just 3 months of age, was battling brain cancer and that she wanted every mother out there to hold their healthy babies extra tight that night has they rocked them to sleep.  Her words have not left me and I am trying, each and every day, to savor this incredible opportunity to mother my sweet, healthy, wonderful baby boy.

2014-07-21 07.46.32

2014-07-20 09.08.15

2014-07-03 12.23.36



6 thoughts on “Smiling the Days Away: 6 Month Update.

  1. Superb! He is so so cute. I had my twin boys too. They are 3 weeks old now. Struggling a lot with breast feeding. And always exhausted! But love to stare in their eyes and kiss them all the time. This is so worth it! Lots of love and blessings to Toby. Take care.

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