We have a 1 Year Old

My baby boy turned one last month. We licked frosting from our fingers, shared toys with little friends, drove around the house in our shiny new car, and tore open lots of presents. It goes without saying that this year changed our lives.  I have never felt such intense love, joy, elation, and admiration.  Nor have I felt such intense frustration, agitation, and helplessness. I am learning from Toby every day – learning how to be a better and more confident mom, a more patient person, to appreciate the little things, to truly cherish my family, and to slow down and see the wonderful world through a child’s eyes.

And here you have him, our sweet, gentle, and wildly affectionate13 month old, Toby a.k.a Toblerone, Tobers, Bubba, or Munchkin

IMG_0191 IMG_0363 JPEG image-D4F43C11C65E-1Likes:

  • Eating…everything
  • Giving big hugs and sweet nuzzles, and getting kisses
  • Reading
  • Going down slides on his own
  • The outdoors
  • Pushing his car, or pretty much anything else, in circles around the house
  • Bath time
  • Throwing food on the floor
  • Picking up everything around him and handing them to us or collecting them in a container
  • Watching and playing with other kids


  • Riding in the car
  • Diaper changes
  • Not being able to help cook dinner
  • Being ignored
  • Playing independently
  • Daycare drop-offs


  • First word! – Banana or “nanana” (12.5mos)
  • Babbling
  • Crawling at lightening speed
  • Standing independently for extended periods of time (13mos)
  • Transitioning to whole milk
  • Pointing

Working on:

  • Walking
  • Eliminating the bottle
  • Clapping (I know, weird, right? First clap was witnessed just last week at 13mos!)
  • A 7th tooth
  • Growing some darn hair!

IMG_3526 IMG_3588 IMG_3695 IMG_9996 IMG_4021 IMG_4061 IMG_4128 IMG_4203 IMG_4287

IMG_0291 IMG_4182 IMG_3870


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