It’s the Little Things

It really is the little things that fill me with such warmth and joy that I fell like I’ll explode.

Toby is learning so much right now.  You can tell that he’s starting to understand that he is his own person, that he has his own place in the world – a place separate from mom and dad – and one that allows for creativity, freedom, and learning.

We settled down in the big chair in his room to begin to wind down for the night before heading to the bath.  His little legs lay stretched out across mine; his feet dangling over my knees.  Our socks are always the first things to come off as bathtime nears.  I asked him to help me remove them and his little toes began to wiggle as he cast his eyes toward his feet.  He tugged on the tip of the sock and in one swift motion waved his hand in the air, tossing the sock to the other side of the room.  When they were both off, we just sat for a minute and both stared at those ten perfect little toes.  He wiggled them, squeezed them, and pulled them up towards his face.  We counted them together and confirmed that there were five on each foot.  The way he looked at them showed a recognition that those toes on the feet that had moments ago been covered by a sock, were his. They were a part of him.

Toby has changed so significantly in the past month.  I feared we were entering toddler hell shortly after his first brithday when every day seemed to be filled with meltdowns, tantrums, and tears.  But I have come to realize that Toby was releasing intense frustration over the lack of confidence he needed to walk.  He had the strength and the desire, but with every attempt, he let his mind fill with apprehension and fear and he’d drop back down to the floor. He was frustrated and he was letting us know it.

The day he decided he was ready to walk – he just walked and never looked back.  And his mood has shifted in a profound way.  He is always happy and always smiling. His teachers have been as surprised as we have, noting daily how content and happy he is. And it has made our time together so much fun.  I’m having the time of my life, and clearly so is he.

Now that he can walk, Toby is desperate to participate in all the family activities.  Any activity that encourages him to move is where he wants to be.  He loves to put away laundry and empty the dishrack.  He loves to take something from daddy and deliver it to mommy.  He simply loves to play an active part in the world around him.

He is an independent and happy little man taking up his own itty bitty little bit of space within this very big world.



3 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

  1. This is so sweet and encouraging for me as just today I was feeling bad for my little girl who seems to be having some fear or resistance to walking. Poor little things. It’s so hard becoming a person!

  2. Hi, just discovered your blog through the Great Blog Chain. It’s so good to hear other happy babies go through sad/angry/frustrated phases before big steps (so to speak!) as well! I think my daughter is about ready to start crawling, and boy has she been a sad little fuss bucket the last few days. Toby is adorable!

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