Missing my Family While Nurturing our Embie

Toby and Simon are home from school and work.  They came up to say hello but then headed back downstairs to play together and prepare dinner.  I hear them talking…a lot (it’s so cute! 🙂 ), cooking together, and laughing.  I wish I were down there with them.

Simon is such an awesome dad.  Sometimes you don’t realize what a good parent your partner is until you step back and watch/listen from afar.  He’s down there singing to him, talking him through each step of the dinner making process, and helping Toby understand what he is doing – “i see you took out all the cooking utensils and lined them up.  Let’s see, it’s a plastic spatula, a medal spoon, a plastic spoon, a metal spatula and a wooden spoon.”  Now he’s picking on him for ‘pooting away’ just seconds after eating a piece of cheese.  Haha. Let’s be honest, I bet they’re both partaking in that one! 🙂

And as I am writing this, Simon Facetimed me from downstairs so that I could participate in dinner! 🙂


It was so cute the other night when we were laying in bed Simon explains to me that he was telling Toby he’s planning to give him kisses every day fIMG_0113or the rest of his life and that Toby replied that he wouldn’t allow that when he was 16.  Haha.  I can’t tell you how many times Simon starts his sentences with, “Toby and I were talking and…”  So darn cute I cant even stand it!

I’m still in bed and very much looking forward to moving around more tomorrow.  Im working from home again, but will be out of bed and simply taking it easy.

The problem with bedrest is it gives you ample time to think and worry, to consider all the what-ifs and worst of all, to research on the web…

My web searches today included:

  • “Who has had two succesful transfers in a row?”  While that one came up with some positive examples, they were too often peppered with a ‘yes they both worked but one ended in miscarriage.’ Not cool.
  • “Why is bedrest important after transfer?” This one mostly produced stuides that claimed bedrest lowered chances of success. Awesome. Luckily it worked last time!
  • “How soon after a 5-day transfer can you test?”  Generally around 6dp5dt.  Some people said 5, others 7, 8 or even 9.  But 6 days is most common and is consistent with the embryo development timeline I posted last time around.  That’s Tuesday…
  • “Difference in implantation success rate verse live birth rate?” I’ll just say they’re not the same.  Again, not cool.
  • “Early pregnancy symptoms after transfer.” I remember last time around I distinctly felt cramps, unlike any period cramps I’d ever felt.
  • “Top fertility clinics in the US?” CCRM was #4.  That’s pretty darn good, I’ll take it!
  • Then I also re-read my blog posts from last time around, starting at transfer, May 2013.

Nothing good ever came of sitting around and worrying but it’s hard to control when there is little else to focus your mind on.

I’m still feeling hopeful.  In fact, I spent a good bit of time today, eyes closed, encouraging our little nugget to nuzzle in and get settled.  I pictured it happening as I lay there and am filled with hope that it really was.  Let’s hope so.  I am ready to complete my little family and make Toby a brilliant big brother.

We are ready.


3 thoughts on “Missing my Family While Nurturing our Embie

  1. My RE didn’t want me on bed rest, I guess because of those search results you found. I took it easy though, and rested a lot. After the first retrieval, I was essentially on bed rest after I accidentally took a double dose of pain pills. I still blame the doctor/pharmacy for giving me a prescription for half a pill and then not cutting them in half.

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