Transfer is Complete!

The transfer went smoothly yesterday and I’m feeling generally pretty hopeful.  Doubt regularly creeps in but I’m trying to stick with the belief that there’s just no reason it shouldn’t work. Right!?  I mean, CCRM’s success rates for my age are around 69%…that’s not bad odds, right? RIGHT!?!?  Ugh, ok, so Im still clearly nervous.  But excited nervous.

Here’s a recap:

  • We started this round with 10 embryos – one 5-day and nine 6-day.  Im going to have to update this when I find my notes, but what I remember is that Toby was our highest grade – a  5-day 4AA (?) and our options today were our other 5-day embie or the highest grade 6-day embie.  Although the 6-day embie is a slightly higher grade, Dr. Surrey recommended we trasnfer the 5-day embie since it developed more swiftly.  Basically he said they’re virtually equivalent.
  • So in went our second 5-day embie today!
  • LastFriedEggsI started the day with my two boys – Toby played hooky from school in the morning so that we could play and I could get in all the carrying I could.  Then I had what I hope will be my last fried eggs (my favorite!) for 9 months!
  • I was thrilled to have our first positive sign early in the day – our last transfer was on May 1, yet it was snowing here in Colorado!  And after a week of 70 degree days this time around, it began to snow heavily minutes before leaving for the clinic!  A positive sign!?  I’ll take it!  I also made sure to bring the same fuzzy socks with me that I wore last time around, hoping for even more happy vibes!
  • At the clinic, The first thing was a blood draw to check my estrogen/progesterone levels to determine if any med changes would be needed post-transfer- Nope, all looking good and meds are staying as they are:
    • Morning: PIO, Vivelle (every other day), Estrace, Aspirin, Vitamin D, Prenatal
    • Evening: Endometrin

pills morningMeds

  • The rest of the time was spent in a procedure room upstairs.  The first thing they did was give me a Valium to relax my uterus. And it sure did relax me – i was actually pretty surprised by the effects!
  •  I received acupuncture for about 30 minutes before & after transfer – very different from the blood flow treatments I’ve been getting. She put them in my ears!


  • The transfer itself was no more than 10 minutes. The thawing process went swimmingly and all 100% survived (Toby was 98%).


  • I lay flat for an hour after, in fact, my head was slightly below my feet except for during the acu treatment (reminded me of the good ‘ol TTC days when I lay with my feet up in the air after having sex!)
  • I had to pee in the dreaded bedpan 😦
  • I rode home stairing up at the ceiling of the car; the seat back as far as it could go.
  • Straight to bed for the rest of the day – napped for 2 hrs which was a likely effect of the Valium, well looked after by Simon, and even got to share some cuddles with my baby boy before bed!

bedtime hugs

It’s morning now and the boys are on their way out for the day. Simon has done an incredible job taking care of us both; I am just so grateful to have him.  I’ll be in bed the rest of the day…which im already pretty tired of.  Because we live in a split level with bathrooms upstairs and down but not on the main floor, the couch is not an option.  So, I remain in bed…all day.  Not quite as fun as it sounds.  But, I’ve got some work to do, some movies to watch and Im prepared to settle in.

Get nice and comfy in there, little embie.  Let’s spend the next 9 months getting to know one another!


5 thoughts on “Transfer is Complete!

  1. That is so exciting! I also got acupuncture right before and after my transfer and also got needles in the ear. Sending positive thoughts. Stick embies stick!!!!

  2. I love the care that you got at CCRM. Even though my monitoring was done there, all of my transfers/procedures were at the clinic in Houston. No valium. Barely any rest on the procedure table afterward. Told not to “bungie jump,” but I could do just about anything else. No acupuncture on location available. Hoping that I can be with Dr. Surrey for everything next time around! I think all the signs point toward an amazing outcome! Let me know if you need anything friend!

  3. Ah, the Valium. I didn’t have that my first transfer and begged for it for the second and third ones. It was weird getting a prescription filled for a single Valium pill. Good stuff, but of course I would run into an old acquaintance I hadn’t seen in a couple of years while feeling, and probably looking, like I was on drugs. I think she understood since she was seeing the RE too.

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