I Need Some Confirmation

Am I supposed to be feeling anything?  Because I don’t.  It might sound crazy, but I wake up every morning hoping to feel a huge wave of nausea.  That would reinforce for me that there really is a little human being growing inside of me.  But, no, I feel pretty much nothing.  I guess I have been feeling pretty tired by around 5pm a lot of days but I chaulk that up to the general anxiety I’ve been struggling with recently.

This 2.5ww really is a brutal one.  I don’t remember it being this hard last time around.  It feels like forever ago that we received our beta results and after the excitement and non-stop daydreaming about pregnancy for about a week, we’ve simply fallen back into a routine.  I suppose a lot of it has to do with the fact that we have a little munchkin now who keeps our attention.

But our inattention to the pregnancy has, well, caught my attention.  It scares me – I worry that if I don’t feel pregnant and our focus isn’t on the pregnancy then maybe I’m not actually pregnant.  As much as I’m not focused on it, I’ll be devastated if we see no hartbeat next week.  Absolutely devastated.

Can we all hope for severe nausea tomorrow?!?


19 thoughts on “I Need Some Confirmation

      • I meant to ask the nurse about that – I’ll ask tomorrow when they call with my beta results. I’ve just been having DW pick up DD all the time, but it gets to be inconvenient at times. I’ll report back tomorrow!

      • I asked the nurse this morning and she said (according to this clinic) orgasms & normal lifting is ok. If you have another kid and regularly carried him or her, then carrying now is safe too. She said the heavy lifting like moving furniture or heavy boxes (out of your usual range) is to be avoided. If my 35 lb daughter is ok, then your baby should be fine. Xx

      • Hehe yeah I’m totally there with you. I keep wondering why the hell I ever had frequent urination so early in my mc’d pregnancy and I don’t have anything now. I don’t remember much about my first (successful) pregnancy in terms of symptoms. How about you?

      • Honestly, I had no symptoms last time either. I went through a period around maybe 8 or 9 weeks where I got full really easily which lasted about 2 wks. Otherwise, no symptoms. I think I just felt pregnant in the sense that I constantly thought about the fact that I was pregnant. I also had a subchorionic hemirage at exactly 6 wks last time (today) which was terrifying BUT it got me in for an ultrasound the next morning which is when we heard the heartbeat!

      • Thank you for asking!!! I’ve been stressed about it all morning! So I guess you can start carrying your little one too!

        I didn’t see an update on your blog – did everything go well today??

  1. I didn’t feel anything until well after my first ultrasound either. I was relieved to get morning sickness but then I was ready for it to go away within a couple days. 🙂

  2. Hi! I just found your blog… As I’m supposed to be working but am utterly preoccupied with my 3rd IVF cycle… Beta is tomorrow morning.
    Congrats on baby #2 and thank you for being so thorough in explaining your symptoms, or lack thereof.
    My last cycle resulted in a chemical preg.. With no symptoms at all.
    This cycle, I’ve felt many pinches or twinges of pain in my lower ab area, and super sore breasts and AF-like cramps. I have no idea how to feel about this round, except to wait for the results.

    • Tomorrow, huh? That’s exciting! Sounds like you’re definitely feeling some symptoms this time around. I’ll definitely be thinking of you tomorrow. Please stop back by and let me know how it goes, if you want.

      • Hi!
        I thought I responded.. My first beta was 65.. We were bummed and thought for sure this wasn’t going to work. Then I went in for my second beta hcg… It rose to 187. The dr. seems happy with this rise and we are still processing that this might actually be successful.
        Thanks for sharing you story, gave me a little bit of hope when I needed it.

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