Her Heart Looks ‘Stupendous!’ – 24 Weeks

We went in for the long-awaited fetal echocardiogram today. The entirety of the 45 minute ultrasound stayed focused directly on Poppy’s heart.  They evaluated it with such precision and magnification, photographing every ventricle and valve, videoing the blood flowing in and out of the chambers.

Poppy is perfect…not that we needed the doc to tell us that!  He reported that her heart looked absolutely ‘stupdendous’ and alleviated one big lingering worry we had.

We’ll be 24 wks tomorrow.  I felt like the first 18 flew by and now I feel like each week creeps by with the speed of the slowest turtle.

This pregnancy is definitely different from the last both because Im actually experinecing symptoms, of which I had very few last time around, but also because it’s often the furthest thing from our minds.

I’m feeling a little tired again, leading to a bedtime of no later than 930pm, I’ve been having intermittent bouts of nasal congestion, hot flashes and pretty consistent headaches for the past month or so.  Between not feeling 100% physically, still experiencing quite a bit of general anxiety, and chasing a crazy toddler around, we’ve found that we’re just not focused on this pregnancy.  We’ve hardly thought about nursery decor, the things we need to buy, or how excited we are to welcome a new little person into our lives.

Luckily, I cant completely forget she’s coming because Im consistently feeling her do lots of somersaults in my tummy!  I love that my placenta has settled nicely in the back so that I can more easily feel and sometimes see her every move.  Last time around, the placenta was a huge barrier between the baby and my belly.

I’m really going to try so very hard to keep you more updated from here on out…!  In the meantime, Ill leave you with some sillies of Toby.  This kid…is the greatest person on earth.



11 thoughts on “Her Heart Looks ‘Stupendous!’ – 24 Weeks

  1. They seem to spend an awful long time on the heart in the midway ultrasound – did they see something that concerned them or is an echo standard? Great news about it being stupendous! Hehe I’m feeling the same as you and I think the great party about having another little one already is that it serves as a great distraction from dwelling on anything pregnancy related (to date anyway). This 2nd trimester has flown by! I’m loving all the movement now too. It’s so wonderful to have that added reassurance that life is happening in there, and that she is being so strong so fast!

    • This was the special echocadiogram that they do a couple weeks after the anatomy scan. While we didnt do this in our last pregancy, they say that research has shown that IVF increases the risk of heart defects enough that our insurance now covers an echo that looks only at the heart. The risks are still small, but something like 400% times larger than the general population (4% vs. 1% or something like that). So, it’s just precautionary. It does seem funny since we had an IVF pregnancy just two years ago and they never mentioned it.

      • That’s interesting, especially in how things vary SO much state to state, country to country, province to province, etc. Here, IVF (until very recently) was publicly funded (3 tries max) yet they don’t treat IVF pregnancies any different from natural ones!

      • Wow, that’s amazing! 3 tries covered!?!? We’ve paid out of pocket for everything. Toby is our $40,000 baby! This echo is the only thing we’ve had covered at all and it’s not only IVF. It’s anyone at greater risk of heart defects and IVF is just one thing on the list. You say until recently – what’s changed?

      • Yep, it still cost us several thousand for whatever portions aren’t covered, but not full price thankfully. Now, since a change in government, the whole fertility program has been reworked. I’m not sure exactly what the criteria are now, but it’s not as easy to get in, and second pregnancies are excluded completely.

  2. Oh Toby is the cutest! I can’t wait to see him soon 🙂 hang in there…just about everyone I talk to says the same thing about baby #2. And let me know if you need nursery decorating help 🙂

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