Toby and Poppy Were 5 Years in the Making


We celebrated our five year anniversary today – my hubby and me.  It’s quite the milestone…but one we almost let pass by. As it is, we didn’t take the standard trip to Hawaii or even go out for a romantic and high-priced dinner followed by a nights stay at a fancy downtown hotel.  Rather, we marked our very special day in a perfect way that only a couple with a young toddler and another on the way…and no babysitter would do.  We dropped Toby at school this morning, called in sick to work, and spent the day together – just the two of us.  We went to a breakfast spot that I’ve been eager to try but always has a 1.5-2hr wait on the weekends.  We went miniature golfing, a little shopping, and went to the first matinee either of us has been to in years to watch Jurassic World.  Gifts consisted of nothing but cards with thoughtful and sweet messages inside that we used to remind one another of how lucky we feel to have each other by our sides.


MeGolfing SiGolfing

These last five years haven’t been the easiest – they’ve been filled with many moves in two different countries, getting to know new cities and working to make new friends, graduate school, starting new jobs on wildly different career paths than either of us had previously been on, living far far far away from our families, and then infertility, IVF, new parenthood and now further expanding our family.  It’s been a whirlwind and a challenge, but it’s brought us many joys and has no doubt helped us to grow together and solidify our bond.

I love my husband more than words can show.  Just as I told him in his anniversary card – I knew I was lucky 5 years ago but I had no idea just how lucky I really was.  He is the rock of this family.  He is my best friend.  He is the love of my life.  He is the best father I have or will ever know.  He is our everything.

Happy 5 year anniversary, my love.  I look forward to so many more.

Even after having a great day together, we were eager to get back to Tobes.  We got our little munchkin by 4pm and were thrilled to see his smiling face.  He is just so darn cute these days.  He’s started walking out of school on his own and there’s something about it that I just love. We get a form summarizing his day when we pick him up and he insists on carrying it – he holds it with two hands and carefully carries it, holding it out in front of himself as he walks proudly down the school hall.  It’s just a silly little thing but it represents a newfound independence and maturity that just blows my mind.  My little baby is a baby no more.

As for Poppy – I dont think she was wild about the movie today.  My What to Expect app recently told me that she can now hear loud noises and that she did!  She was kicking, jumping and rolling throughout much of the movie and I can only assume it was a reaction to the sounds of Alpha T-Rex, or whatever he was called, eating half the people on the island!

I also got my 1-hr glucose test results back which I was really nervous about and I passed with flying colors!  The doc emailed me two days ago to tell me my results were in normal range which eased my fears but because I’m a worry wart at heart, especially when it comes to anything medical/health-related, I needed to see the number for myself to determine just how ‘normal’ I was.  I would have been almost as upset with a measure of 139 (in normal range) as I would have with  a141 (out of range).  That’s just the way I am 🙂 Luckily, my results were better than I’d expected and 15 points lower than they were when I was pregnant with Toby – a 95! Go me! Phew…

Anyhoo, I’m going to sign off so that I can spend the rest of the evening cuddling with my hubby and indulging in some delicious celebratory dessert. Oh wine, how I wish I could have you…


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