I Breathe a Sigh of Relief (32wks)

My little nephew, Sam, came to visit this past weekend.  He’s 3.5 months and the first baby Toby has met. I was very anxious to see how Toby would respond to him and specifically how he would respond to me when I was engaging with or holding him.


Toby was AMAZING. He is such a sweet and affectionate little boy.  Within minutes of meeting Sam, he insisted upon sharing his snack with him, laying a cracker in Sam’s lap for every cracker he ate. He gave him endless kisses and hugs.  He rubbed his belly and stroked his cheek.  He was so gentle, so loving.  He insisted on Sam sitting across from him in his coveted red wagon and invited him into his crib in the morning where he piled all his stuffed animals into his lap.



I think we were all shocked by the sheer extent of Toby’s affection.  He never complained or got jealous.  There were times when he wanted to be held by Simon or I when we were holding Sam, but when we lifted him into our arms, he settled there contently and watched his counsin’s every move.



Toby is going to be a wonderful big brother.  He will be loving and kind.  He will be eager to care for and love on his little sister.  Of course Im under no illusion that it will be easy or that Toby will be void of fits of jealousy and frustration, but for the most part Im confident that the transition will be a successful one for us all.

I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and begin to let go of some of the anxiety around brining Poppy home. Instead, I can begin focusing on how special it will be to introduce Toby to his little sister and watch the special love between them begin to blossom.

Im 32w4d today.  We’ll meet Poppy in 6w3d, if not before.  I cannot wait to complete our little family 🙂


6 thoughts on “I Breathe a Sigh of Relief (32wks)

  1. Great news about Toby with his cousin! We’ve been trying hard to get DD used to the idea that she’ll be sharing her mom & mama (she gets really jealous when her friends at daycare hug us). Hoping all the excitement of becoming a big sister and helping with the baby will make the right difference.

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