My Sweet Toby (23mos)

Every. Single. Day, Toby does something, says something, acts in some way that makes me melt into a bundle of overwhelming love. This kid – he’s just simply the greatest human being to ever walk this earth.  I am madly, crazy, deeply in love with him.


I worry that I am going to forget the little adorable things he says and does each day.  Will I remember the silly smiles, the funny faces, the adorable attempts at a new word?  Will I remember the softness of his hands, the intensity of his hugs, or the way he scoops his hand down my shirt whenever Im holding him?

So, in an effort to capture just a sliver of those special moments, I have compiled a list of just a few of the wonderful things that make my Toby Toby, at least right now. Admittedly, I write this post more for me than for you, so please dont feel obligated to continue reading it…

  1. His vocabulary is expanding leaps and bounds daily yet his only word for yes remains, ‘da.’
  2. When he no longer wants us around, he softly lays a hand on our calf and directs us out of the room, closing the door behind us as he waves and says “bye-bye.”
  3. The moment he enters the house, he runs full speed towards the kitchen raises his hands to the stove requesting to “cook! cook! cook!”
  4. He’ll lay in bed for 30+ minutes every morning, rolling around and talking away in his own little toddler language.
  5. He gets in his little red car and without moving it more than a foot, he continues to wave from the window saying, “bye! bye bye! bye!”
  6. He LOVES bubbles.  If he hears the kettle or a pan warming water, he drops whatever he is doing and runs, pointing and yelling “bubbles” with such excitement.
  7. While in the car, he points out every “truck” and “bus” he sees and as soon as they pass, he signs and verbally asks for “more.”  I’ve yet to figure out how to make another appear out of nowhere!
  8. He’s so helpful.  He loves to help sweep the floor, cook dinner, roll up the hose for winter, feed a baby, take the garbage out, set the table, etc.
  9. He’s so ticklish.  Especially on his chest, under his arms along his ribs, and along his neck.  He laughs and laughs and laughs 🙂
  10. He goes through 3-4 week phases with books, reading them every day and then wanting nothing more to do with them.  We’re currently into There’s a Mouse in the House, Goonight Moon, Red Wagon, Little Blue Truck, and Boss Baby. 
  11. He’s in super mommy mode.  I can’t remember the last time daddy was allowed to do the bedtime routine and put him down.  When we try, the screams and big tears are unbearable.  Hoping this passes in the next 5wks, but not feeling very hopeful.
  12. He’s been saying, “love you” back to us for the past month or two. It melts our hearts every time.
  13. He loves to be chased.  Around and around and around…
  14. Every time I start to wash my hands in the kitchen, he reaches for the hand towel on the oven and hands it to me!
  15. With his head on my shoulder and his arms wrapped around me as I sing a few songs before I lay him down in bed, he softly strokes my hair.
  16. He wans to run with the big kids – a visit to a playground almost always leads to Toby chasing after groups of older kiddos, laughing ‘with’ them, and desperately wanting to be included in all their fun and games.
  17. And one that is bound to embarass him in years to come – when I go to the bathroom (and he inevitably insists on coming with), he takes a sheet of toilet paper and ‘wipes’ my back while im sitting there…hahaha.



3 thoughts on “My Sweet Toby (23mos)

  1. Oh I love everything about this post. I feel the exact same way about my peanut, who is 18 months old. He does many of the same things and sometimes, my heart is so full that it brings tears to my eyes. He sounds like a sweet, sweet boy.

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