Maya Juliet

Our sweet Maya was born at 11:11am one week ago today, on December 4th!  She is pure perfection and looks absolutely identical to Toby at this age.  It’s uncanny.  She was 7lbs 3oz and 19 3/4 in long.


I’ll write a longer update soon – the numbness from carpal tunnel is still hot and heavy and Im just not up for typing a long update. BUT, I wanted to introduce our dear, sweet girl.

We went with the scheduled c-section and it’s a good thing we did because Maya was practically perpendicular in utero and would never have engaged properly in my pelvis in order to be pushed out vaginally.  In fact, the doc had such a hard time getting her out that she had to make a slightly larger cut in my belly and also suction her head.  It was wild – I saw the doc over the curtain because she was bent so far over, shoving her hand as deep as possible trying to get a good hold on her.


To my great relief, the spinal worked splendidly so I did not need to be put under.  So, I got to hear my baby girl’s first cry, hear her apgar number reported (8.9!), and even listen to the conversation between my doc and the anesthesiologist about their holiday plans, lol.

I also got to put her to breast far earlier than last time and was far more alert during her first days of life in the absence of magnesium, etc.


She’s doing really well – she’s a typical newborn eating, sleeping, and pooping. She has a particularly long wake time in the early evening (not great for Toby’s schedule) and likes to cluster feed at that time.  Im trying to keep her on a pretty strict breastfeeding schedule since i struggled with supply so much last time and Toby’s weight was always on the very low side.  Im waking her up for all the feedings overnight and many of them in the day too.


Toby has done really well with the transition.  He loves his sister and wants to be around ‘the baby’ all the time – he strokes her head, tickles her belly while saying “tickle! tickle!,” kisses her head and holds her hand.  He likes to lay next to her while both are getting their diapers changed and wants her to be in the bathroom while he bathes and in his room for story time before bed.




Toby is also being a bit more challenging when it comes to simple things like diaper changes, putting shoes and coats on, and getting ready for bed. He wants to be in total control and that slows things wayyy down.  It’s a little frustrating but we’re trying to give him some time.  He’s also not doing great going down to sleep alone so Simon is spending a lot of time sitting in the chair beside his bed while he settles and drifts off to sleep.  Again, we’ve decided to give him a few weeks of special attention before insisting we get back on track.

The hardest part for me as definitely been Toby – I am missing him soooo much.  Between a demanding nursing schedule including cluster feeding which coincides with Toby’s arrival home through bedtime and my inability to pick up and hold him, I’m struggling and its breaking my heart.  Mommy mode is officially over and it’s all about daddy.

All in all, it’s been a pretty successful first week. There will be many challenges but even more exceptional moments ahead.  I’ll try to be better about sharing them all.



5 thoughts on “Maya Juliet

  1. Congrats sweetie, she’s beautiful and I love her name! It’s funny you mention her size, as I think back to us comparing baby bumps. I always appeared to carry a much smaller baby or womb than you did and our babies were born at around the same gestation, but mine was 22 inches and 8lb9oz! It sounds like we’re having a similar experience with our first borns and my carpel tunnel is still lingering. Ugh. Good luck with everything and once again congrats! Xx

  2. She is so unbelievably perfect! You are looking gorgeous yourself too 🙂 I’m so glad bonding/nursing was an easier adjust this time. Maya and Toby together just melt my heart 🙂

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