21 Day Fix: One Week Down…Almost

I made it through my first week back at work.  It’s hard to be away from Maya but luckily Simon was home with her for 3 of the days, I was home for one of them and she spent one day in daycare.


I remember the separation from Toby being really hard, but I dont remember feeling so angry – angry at the system for making me leave my innocent and wholly dependent little girl with strangers in order to keep my job and provide health insurance coverage for my family. It’s bullshit.

A silver lining is that we’ve been really stressed about Maya’s weight and this week of bottle feeding gave us a better understanding of how much she drinks in one feeding and the total ounces from a large part of the day.  I also rented a hospital grade scale last week so that I could weigh her before and after feeds.  I’ve been pleased to see that she was averaging about 3.3oz off of me and has been taking about 3.5oz every 2.5-3hrs from the bottle.  Im guessing she’s getting between 19-24oz per day.  It’s not a lot – most kids her age are likely taking closer to 4oz per feed and 28oz per day.  But, it’s adequate and I feel ok about that.  We have an appt with her doc on Tuesday for a weight check and to talk about interventions if required. Ugh, we’ll see…

Meanwhile, the 21 Day Fix is going pretty well.  I was going strong with the workouts for most of the week which surprised even me because I wasn’t able to do them until both kiddos were asleep and I desperately wanted to be lounging on the couch.  On Friday, however, I didn’t make it.  I was having a crazy anxious day which always makes me want to curl up in a ball, eat chocolate and cry. So, I came home, wolfed down 5 Dove dark chocolates and poured myself a glass of red wine…oops.  But, I got right back on track today and did 2 workout – Cardio Fix and Yoga – in order to make up for it.  So, I’ve forgiven myself :).


Food this week has gone pretty well.  I really enjoyed my lunches made up from the massive meal prep I did on Sunday.

Breakfast has been a bit tough because I haven’t given myself enough time in the morning to cook something up.  I ate a Lara Bar on my way to work at least twice which, while healthy, is not a good way to get all my containers in for the day nor does it fill me up as much as a big bowl of oatmeal or two eggs and some ezekiel toast would be. Im going to make sure to cook up a batch of steel cut oats tomorrow so that they’re ready to go for the week. I guess I could also try getting up a few more minutes early 🙂 but it’s just hard to plan out the morning when I need to be nursing on demand until the minute I walk out the door.  Oh, and getting Toby up, dressed, fed and out the door with me!

Snacks have been pretty good – usually nuts and an apple, peppers and hummus, yogurt and berries, or ezekiel bread with banana and almond butter.  I ordered shakeology which finally arrived this weekend so Im going to begin drinking shakes as one of my snacks as opposed to using them as a meal replacement.  I’ve realized I need to eat a bit more containers than what I am allotted based on my weight category in order to make up for calories burned while nursing.


Finally, dinners were fun to experiment with and we had some really yummy, healthy, and satisfying meals including:

Simon’s famous chili (1 yellow, 1 red, 1 blue)


Quinoa Fried Rice from one of my fave food bloggers, Damn Delicious (1 yellow, 1 green, 1.5 red, 1 tsp).


Healthy Kung Pao Chicken (1 green, 1 red, 1 yellow, 2 tsp).


And Spinach and Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast (1.5 green, 1 yellow, 1 red).


I’ll just end with this… 🙂

SiblingKiss Siblings



5 thoughts on “21 Day Fix: One Week Down…Almost

  1. Ohhhh drool! Your food looks ammaaazing!! My goodness Maya’s got your face! She’s such a little beauty. 🙂 congrats on jumping right back on after a momentary blip – those are going to happen to all of us every so often. The important part is getting back on course. Your system down there with going back to work so soon after babies is ridiculous, I feel awful for you. Glad to hear Maya’s doing well though. I’m sure she is just a small baby. Nothing to be concerned with. Xx

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