Maya is 1 Year Old!

We’re baaaaack!!! Whew, it’s been a whirlwind of a year and I’m here to give you the cliff notes now that life has settled down!

First thing first – Maya is 1 year old!!!

This girl – she is the most beautiful little being I’ve ever set eyes on. Her smile lights up a room. Her giggles make you laugh along with her.  And those bright blue eyes simply speak to you and make you melt.


Maya gets excited by the sheer sight or sound of her brother. She begins to wiggle and kick as she and I walk downstairs and her brother’s voice comes into earshot.

She loves to walk, holding ever so slightly to my hand.  She’s been doing it for months, yet still too timid to take more than a step on her own.

She is attached to me with such ferocity that I’m lucky if I can step out of the room before tears fall and she’s chasing after me.  I love the feeling of being needed and appreciate that the warmth of my arms will not be enough to create such a sense of calm for much longer but it is exhausting as well.  She refuses to let anyone else, except Simon (and even with him, not all of the time), hold her, soothe her or care for her.


Today her ped described her as precocious because she has mastered the ability to throw a world class tantrum at an earlier age than most others in addition to her intense stranger danger. I would not claim for a moment that she is an easy-going baby.  But her intensity also means that she loves deeply and has great passion for things she loves like reading, walking, and her family.

Maya is my sweet, itty bitty (5th percentile for wt. and ht.), fiery little girl.  We love her so.

And then there is Toby. This kid is so amazing.  And is literally changing He’s learning, he’s growing, his passion for the things that he loves is remarkable.

Toby loves all things fire truck, garbage truck, trains, bikes, cars, car carriers, and puzzles. He loves biking, running, swinging.  He loves to wait for the school bus every morning and watch as the “big” kids get on. He loves to sing songs to his sister when she cries, he loves to ask questions and questions and more questions. He loves to make believe. And he loves to wear his big boy underwear.


Toby loves his little sister. And there are moments – many, in fact – that they laugh and play together.  Moments where he’ll share his trains with her or explain new concepts to her. But he’s struggled to learn how to be gentle with her.  And fun and games can often end in tears when hugs turn into tackles and pats turn in to pushes. I’m struggling to navigate this area of my parenting and find myself at a loss of what to do. Traditional discipline doesn’t seem to work.


As for our lives – we’ve moved across country. Back to DC and the east coast. We feel so much more ‘at home’ here. The east coast is where I belong, that’s for sure. When we moved in July, I became a stay-at-home mom.  The transition has been a positive one, albeit difficult. It’s certainly the hardest job I’ve ever had.  I plan to go back to work sometime next year, but this time has been so precious and I have had the opportunity to get to know my kids in a way I would not have otherwise had the opportunity to do.


Simon is working for an organization that has been affected quite dramatically from the recent election so he’s working long hours helping his team rethink their approach to policy advocacy. And he’s rocking it!

My family is now driving distance from us and I am grateful to have them closer although I still wish they were right down the road.

It’s Christmas time and I love this time of year. Life is pretty good over here and I’m happy to have found the time to get back to you.



We have a 1 Year Old

My baby boy turned one last month. We licked frosting from our fingers, shared toys with little friends, drove around the house in our shiny new car, and tore open lots of presents. It goes without saying that this year changed our lives.  I have never felt such intense love, joy, elation, and admiration.  Nor have I felt such intense frustration, agitation, and helplessness. I am learning from Toby every day – learning how to be a better and more confident mom, a more patient person, to appreciate the little things, to truly cherish my family, and to slow down and see the wonderful world through a child’s eyes.

And here you have him, our sweet, gentle, and wildly affectionate13 month old, Toby a.k.a Toblerone, Tobers, Bubba, or Munchkin

IMG_0191 IMG_0363 JPEG image-D4F43C11C65E-1Likes:

  • Eating…everything
  • Giving big hugs and sweet nuzzles, and getting kisses
  • Reading
  • Going down slides on his own
  • The outdoors
  • Pushing his car, or pretty much anything else, in circles around the house
  • Bath time
  • Throwing food on the floor
  • Picking up everything around him and handing them to us or collecting them in a container
  • Watching and playing with other kids


  • Riding in the car
  • Diaper changes
  • Not being able to help cook dinner
  • Being ignored
  • Playing independently
  • Daycare drop-offs


  • First word! – Banana or “nanana” (12.5mos)
  • Babbling
  • Crawling at lightening speed
  • Standing independently for extended periods of time (13mos)
  • Transitioning to whole milk
  • Pointing

Working on:

  • Walking
  • Eliminating the bottle
  • Clapping (I know, weird, right? First clap was witnessed just last week at 13mos!)
  • A 7th tooth
  • Growing some darn hair!

IMG_3526 IMG_3588 IMG_3695 IMG_9996 IMG_4021 IMG_4061 IMG_4128 IMG_4203 IMG_4287

IMG_0291 IMG_4182 IMG_3870