Go Sugar Free Course: First 2 Weeks

Whew, we’re on Day 14 of the Go Sugar Free Course!

Although at the beginning of this course, having completed Whole30 was a huge advantage for me, now I’m finding it’s created a unique challenge for me. As I mentioned, GSF encourages its students to determine what form of sugars they want to give up. For me, I chose to eliminate everything but honey because that was how I defined my Food Freedom Forever. But, my Food Freedom Forever also included other forms of added sugar that I was defining by the foods they were in rather than the types of sugars. For example. I determined that I could and would eat a chicken sausage that included added sugar in the ingredients (some have very little sugar). It is these types of foods that I’ve struggled to eliminate since I only just welcomed them back into my diet. Honestly, I decided to re-introduce a limited amount of select foods simply because I determined that they were what made the Whole30 feel like an inconvenience and unsustainable long-term. If my husband or I wanted to use a recipe that included sausage or some bacon and I simply couldn’t find it sugar free, then I wanted to be able to make it anyway!  And as a result, I’m finding I’m less motivated to fully eliminate them now (since I know they’re not a ‘problem’ for me). Basically, the GSF course is stricter on sugar than how I have defined my Food Freedom Forever and it has proved harder than I expected to reverse course.

With that said, I’m really enjoying the course. We receive a daily email chock-full of information with a lesson such as a cliff notes for a book we should but don’t have time to read or a video to watch, etc. The Facebook group is also pretty active and I’ve used it a  few times to post about my frustrations, to share a success story, or to ask a question. Once you take the course, you are a lifetime member and can retake it whenever you want so the FB community is a big mix of newcomers like me and people on their 3rd or 4th round.

So far my takeaways are this:

  • I feel better off sugar and refined carbs.  Actually, grains in general. But, when my friend brings over a beautiful white baguette, I still struggle to say no to it.
  • Grains are my gateway drug. Much more so that a piece of milk chocolate. Give me a piece of white bread and I’ll immediately eat 5 more…
  • I asked my husband to hide our scale until my next weigh in and I can’t believe how good it feels (look out for a separate blog post on this).
  • My diet has never been clean enough to be able to determine how particular foods were making it feel and I’m finding it fascinating to learn about it for the first time in my life (this is an extension to what I was already learning with Whole30).
  • I am sleeping better.  Well, I’ve actually always been a great sleeper in that I fall asleep and stay asleep pretty easily.  But I struggle SO much to get up in the mornings.  When Im eating a sugar and grain free diet and don’t eat anything after dinner, I have a much easier time getting up and feel lighter and less bloated when I do. In fact, Toby and I have been getting up at 6am and going on a 2-mile walk with my friend and her 4 yr old each morning. Im also getting in a 21 Day Fix workout 5-6 times a week.
  • Im super frustrated that I’m not skinny and in a size 2 yet 😦

Examples of clean, fresh meals I’ve been devouring this week:

Breakfast: Scrambled egg, sauteed kale, sweet potato, guacamole

Lunch: (1) Tuna, guac and veggies and (2) taco salad (leftovers)

Dinner: (1) Peruvian Beef Stir Fry from Skinnytaste and (2) grilled chicken, asparagus and squash.


Introducing the 21 Day Fix – Time for a Change!

It’s time to make a change.  I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life.  I’ve yo-yo dieted, I’ve gone on exercise and couch potato binges, I’ve cancelled plans with dear friends because I felt too fat, I’ve missed opportunities to take my boy swimming because I refused to get in a bathing suit.

I’m done.

I want to quit this nasty cycle and re-invent myself.  I want to stop looking at other people’s impressive transformation pictures and start sharing my own.

I want to show both of my children what strength and confidence looks like.

So, HERE WE GO!!!  Today was Day 1 of the 21 Day Fix.  It’s a Beachbody program that incorporates a daily 30min at-home workout  with a nutrition plan that teaches healthy portion control. Six colored containers are provided, each of which is used to measure out portions of different food groups – yellow for carbs, red for protein, green for veggies, etc.


A key requirement of this program is meal planning which helps to ensure that you are eating the right amount of food.  Depending on what calorie bracket you fall into, you are allotted a specified number of each colored container.

I’ve decided to meal prep for breakfast, snacks, and lunch (and a little bit for dinner) to ensure I have the right foods on hand.  So, yesterday I made the following:

  • Roasted cauliflower
  • Roasted broccoli
  • Sauteed kale and mushrooms
  • Baked pork loin
  • Baked chicken
  • Baked sweet potato
  • Baked egg cups w/ ham, kale, mushroom & cheddar
  • Lean ground beef meatballs w/spinach
  • Sliced red/yellow peppers (not pictured)
  • Apples (not pictured)
  • Almond butter (not pictured)
  • Hummus (not pictured)
  • Yogurt (not pictured)
  • Mixed berries (not pictured)


I prepared it buffet-style so that I could pick and choose what I wanted for lunch each day.

My meals today:

  • Breakfast: 2 egg cups
  • Snack: Yogurt & berries
  • Lunch: Pork, sweet potato, cauliflower, broccoli


I’m embarassed to admit that I was sooo close to skipping my workout tonight…on day 1!  I came home from my first day back at work which totally sucked and I missed my baby girl desperately, then jumped right into nursing, getting Maya down for her last nap, eating dinner with my boys, then nursing again, joining my boys for a bedtime story and then getting Maya down for bed.  It was close to 8pm, I had a headache, was tired and hungry.  Well, I wasn’t actually hungry, but my mind convinced me I wanted food.

But, I trudged downstairs, unenthusiastically pushed play on the video and just 30 minutes later I was done and feeling great!

So, that’s day 1 in the bag!  Now I need to go pack my food for tomorrow.  It’s all about being prepared!