We’re Out of the Newborn Phase! Hallelujah!

Life finally feels a little bit settled. We were not blessed with easy newborn babies. With both, the first 3 months were filled with piercing cries, lots of bouncing, and loads of stress.  Maya wasn’t as bad as Toby was, but, well, we weren’t parenting TWO kids at that time.  Nights for weeks on end consisted of Simon and Toby coming home to Maya in a full blown meltdown, me passing her off in frustration and then us spending the next many hours tag teaming both kids – getting Toby fed and to bed and doing everything we could come up with to soothe Maya.  Whew, Im so glad that period is over.

Just like they always tell you (but you never believe when in the throws of colic), Maya’s fussiness went as quickly as it came right around 3 months old. She is such a joy – so happy, full of smiles, playful and fun.


And Toby adores her.  Absolutely adores her.  He has never said ‘I love you’ without us begging him to say it prompting him to say it, yet just this evening he planted a gentle kiss and Maya’s cheek and whispered, ‘I love you, Maya.’  It was magical – one of those moments that reminds tired parents that it is all so very worth it.


The one issue we’re still struggling with is Maya’s weight.  She has continued to drop in percentiles and goes some weeks without gaining a single ounce.  She is currently 10lbs 3oz and in the 2nd percentile.  We consulted her ped who has instructed us to add 1 tsp of formula to each bottle of breastmilk she receives (the powder is mixed straight with the milk rather than water).  This is to sneak in some extra calories. While my anxiety makes me worry that there is something terribly wrong with her that we have yet to uncover, my rational brain believes that she is just not a big eater.  Our ped says a kiddo her age should be eating 4-5oz per feeding and Maya usually eats between 3-3.5oz max.  Sometimes 2oz.  But, it really seems like that’s all she needs because like I said, she’s happy as can be these days and she continues to be an excellent sleeper. So, we’ll just have to wait and see…

We have also made the difficult decision to withdraw Toby and Maya from their daycare and enroll elsewhere.  It has just been one thing after another there – mainly terrible management that shows no respect to parents. When Toby’s outstanding lead teacher put in her notice last week because of bumping heads with leadership, we decided that was the last straw (one of the assistant teachers who recently joined the class and has been very cold with the kids was promoted to lead!). We lucked out and found a place with one spot left in each classroom available immediately, is more highly rated in the state’s early childhood quality rating system, is much closer to work, and is $800 – yes $800! – cheaper.  It’s going to be a challenge for Toby. He’s a shy kid and it takes him time to warm up to new people. But, I know we’ve made the right decision.They start on the 28th.